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610: Beyoncé Think Pieces


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Rod and Karen discuss Utah judge overturns gay marriage ban, Catholic school students support fired gay vice principal, Phil Robertson defenders, Justine Sacco, Lululemon founder steps down, school cuts religions out of Silent Night, Beyonce’s feminism checked, Beyonce gives Wal-Mart shoppers gift cards, Might Wings, flight delayed because of sandwich, Steve Martin, man stop and frisked at work, daycare bus driver bribes kid, bad babysitter, robbing for a job, robber gets robbed and sword ratchetness.Twitter: @rodimusprime @SayDatAgain @TBGWT
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  1. da_ticklah

    Pilots are assholes, my employer has a workforce of over 4000 pilots and they are the most demanding assholes you could ever care to meet. Even if a manager were to tell him to leave the pilot has final say as to if he flies the plan. So force him to leave and he can claim the aircraft is unsafe and have all the passengers get off the aircraft and have maintenance do some unnecessary ‘saftey check’

  2. Willie G

    From my male prospective I think feminism = choice. All the Beyonce’ hate isn’t rational to me. I can never understand why people don’t let other people choose how they wish to be defined. Why not celebrate that this woman is helping redefine how an individual can gain from their talent and hard work. Her business moves are no different than an artist owning their masters. Rob is right; people ain’t shit. Haters get off Yonce’ dick.

  3. PrinceLeron

    Justine Sacco is alright with me and that joke was a 10 out of 10. Of course she deserved to be fired because she worked in PR and should know better. I think people have taken this Sacco thing a little to far. Because of one tweet that was an obvious joke, now we can judge if she is racist or not. The racism of the joke is overrated. Our Racist King, Leonard Brothers, has made far most racist jokes and no one suspects that he is a racist in real life. And all of a sudden Americans care about people in Africa? Yeah Right. When was the last big story on AIDS in Africa? This story will be long forgotten before the next one pops up. Too many times people will stand on moral high ground during these type of studies.

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