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TNO 26: Marvel Timeline Confusion


Rod is joined by Karen and Kriss to discuss Xbox One ownership, Almost Human, HBO Go, Arrow mid-season finale, Assassin’s Creed 4, Rogue cut from Days of Future Past, Paul Rudd confirmed for Ant Man, the X-men timeline, Marvel vs Capcom leaving arcade stores, $10K Xbox One, Attack on Titan Cosplay, Death Note the musical, Reactive grip, Oculus rift, stuntman Oscar category, Walking Dead law suit, EA getting sued, console prices over the years, Death Note, next gen consoles use more electricity, Man of Steel costumes and the Steam Box.

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  1. O4Soldier

    My nigga , Rod, you can’t be done with telling us about the great shows that are must see on TV.. I just got through watching Flashpoint paradox & season 2 of young jusice and Got Dayum that’s sum good shit!! This is what I pay for.. Because of you I’m discovering great shows that I would’ve missed on my radar. Awesome show. keep it up fellas and ma’am..

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