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611: A Dynasty Of Ducks


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Rod and Karen discuss Phil Robertson doubling down, Cracker Barrel flip flopping, plus sized Barbie, Jennifer Lawrence, Charles Ramsey book, P*ssy Riot members released, Macy’s has black Santa, making a diamond out of the deceased, atheist jerk, Red Lobster going out of business, woman kills husband with love meal, Kim Jong Un be drunk, Beyonce Think Piece, Phil Robertson is Rosa Parks, racist Floridian man, Floridian scientist, jail proposal, man texts child porn to wrong phone, meat masturbator and sword ratchetness.

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  1. vcthree

    Every time people fall back on the “freedom of speech” argument whenever some public figure says something stupid, I almost want to dare these people to walk up to any employee or customer on their job and say some rude shit, then see if they have a job when they get home. People know they don’t have “freedom of speech” for real, because you know that server or staffer isn’t cussing out rude assholes all day long with no reprisals.

    Yet on the internet, people have this misconception that “freedom of speech” means “I can say whatever, and no punishment shall be levied against me by any public entity, ever”…except it only seems to apply when it’s something that they want to hear. The moment they don’t want to hear it, they want to shut speech down by any means necessary. Why does “Freedom of Speech” only apply when it’s a message that they want to hear? Funny how that works.

  2. PrinceLeron

    Phil Robertson and his supporters were super quick to hide behind the impenetrable the shield of religion. If you are racist or a homophobe, I don’t care about led you to your opinions, I’m going call you what you are. Fuck your beliefs. You better keep that shit in church where they will accept it. The age of consent in England is 16 but if you come to America and start hitting on teenagers your ass going jail. I feel no sympathy for these dudes losing these losing their jobs. All you have to do is not say any racist or hateful shit. These dudes can not help themselves.

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