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Announcing The 2nd Annual #TBGWT Awards – “The Tippies”


The Tippies – This post is for nominating your favorite moments, guest and episodes of The Black Guy Who Tips. This is only for nominations. Any show from this year can be nominated including premium shows.  If you’re thinking of some episodes or clips that you’d like to put into contention for voting this is the place to nominate those things. Just reply to this thread so we can keep all of the feedback in one place. You don’t have to have a nomination for every category and you don’t have to do it all at once. We’ll keep this post up for at least a month.

Best Impressions (need clip) – For example when Karen did her Elmo impression on the show or Rod did the impression of the drunk newswoman. You need to provide us with the minute mark and episode in order for us to get the clip to play on our nomination show

Best guest (individual) – Pick the guest that you think did the best job on the show as an individual

Best guests (group) – Pick the guests that you think did the best job on the show as a group. Must be on the same show together.

Favorite New Guest (group or individual)

Funniest Moment (need clip)– What is the funniest moment you’ve heard on the show? We need you to provide us with an episode number and minute mark in order for us to get the clip.

Best Feedback Participant

Best Episode – Self explanatory. Just tell us which show is the best in your opinion.

Best Interview – Which guest had the best interview segment on the show?

Best Argument (need clip) – Hey sometimes we disagree either with guests or each other. Which was the best debate / argument in your opinion?




  1. Rashanii

    Best guest? Rashanii.

  2. INegro Montoya

    Best individual guest: tie between Cerrome Russel and N’Jaila Rhee.

  3. M_S_Dee

    Best new guest: Cerrome Russell

  4. Animaine Sparkster

    Best Impression: Rod as Wesley Pipes (anytime he says “let them see it” in that voice I die laughing). This impression is done multiple times but is most clearly heard in the 90 Day Rule episode.
    Best Episode: Dude Bros and The Scorning
    Best Argument: When Rod addresses the TWiB detractors in the 2nd half of ep 408: Soft See You Next Tuesdays (1:35:59 onward). One of the best Ethers of podcast history.
    Best Interview: Xan aka AfroSinTrick

  5. yourhoodlawyer

    Best Impressions – Rod and Justin as RG3 and McNabb on Balls Deep Sports

    Best guest (individual) – Amber P

    Best guests (group) – Black Astronauts Podcast Ladies Launch

    Favorite New Guest (group or individual)

    Funniest Moment – episode 587 – 58:28-1hr:15 Medicine in the Glasses

    Best Feedback Participant – Chill

    Best Episode – 517: Genital Property Law

    Best Interview – Kenny Gilbert on Lip Smackin’ Good

    Best Argument – Balls Deep Sports 32: Rod and Justin vs. Vick on D-Wade and Jameis.

  6. Pontifex Snaximus

    Best guest (individual) – Chris Lamberth

  7. constant_ponder

    At first I would have to give it to Chill. To tell a motherfucka to suck yo dick should be right protected under constitutional law. And since she does it in such an artistic and most eloquent manner I must tip my hat to the artistry. However, gotta nominate my nigga Steven Richards. Now that I know that like myself he is fine connoisseur on that mahogany punani makes him alright with me.

  8. Keith from Dallas

    Funniest moment: Rod going off on the Howard lame ass.
    Rod going off on the Dude Bros. and drops the mic, Rod going off on Greg and Abe. Hell Rod you been putting in work cuz. Best Guest group:TLFC, Best Guest individual: Leonard Brothers. Best feedback participant is simple Keith from Dallas cuz. Funniest moment Keith from Dallas,Chill, and Ultra Dolo 3 way call the show after Lebron and Heat win the Championship!!

  9. NatashaP

    Best Impression – Rod and Justin’s RG3 and McNabb impression on Balls Deep Sports 30

    Best guest (individual) – Patrice C

    Best guests (group) – Nic and Reggie, Chonilla

    Favorite New Guest (group or individual) – The BAP Ladies Launch; Whiskey Wine and Moonshine

    Funniest Moment – Karen’s epic, ether level Nintendo Rant on The Nerd Off

    Best Feedback Participant: Steven Richards, L. Brothers.

    Best Episode – #DemThrones Season 3: 01 Valar Dohaeris

    Best Interview – Rod’s interview with Sterling’s on Medium Talk.

    Best Argument (need clip) – Chill vs Everyone re: Feminism and Vic vs Rod and Justin re: Dwyane Wade on Balls Deep Sports 32.

  10. @WakandasFinest

    Best Episode: 616 – Black Batman. Btw, Batman Could Not Be Black Because he wouldn’t be able to hide all that Embezzled Money after Tahlia Comes after his Ass for Back Child Support for Damian.

    Best Guest Group Guest: Clove & Shirley

    Best Guest Individual: my Blerd Boo, Amber P

    Best Moment: the Wesley Pipes quotes. I looked up that Janet Jacme Video as soon as you mentioned it.

    Best Random Thought: Karens Porn Labels.

  11. da_ticklah

    Best Feedback caller: Stephen Richards

    Best Feedback e-mail: Howard T Smith

  12. da_ticklah

    Funniest moment: Medicine in the glasses

  13. LBrothersMedia

    Here are a few folks I’d like to nominate this year…

    Best Impressions (need clip) – Rod and Justin doing the RG3 impressions on Balls Deep Sports

    Best guests (group) – Nic Ju & Reggie, Montoyis & Kevo

    Favorite New Guest (group or individual) – Individual: Leonard Brothers

    Best Feedback Participant – Rod!!! He reads it all. #RodIn2014

    Best Episode – Episode 591: Big Booty Brains (The one I was on)

    Best Interview – Sterling aka The Wound God on Medium Talk. Very informative interview… Chey B on Medium Talk. This interview was good, and Rod kept it very professional.

    Best Argument (need clip) – Chill vs Rod, Karen, Owen and Feminism.

  14. bgrs79

    Best guest (individual) – Chris Lamberth

    Best guests (group) – Nic the Ju and R to the Eggie (I love them)

    Favorite New Guest (group or individual)- the men from Black on Black Cinema

    Funniest Moment – when Rod was explaining the how prescriptions are made in glasses and Karen screams out, “DO THEY PUT ROBITUSSIN IN THE GLASSES?” (the funniest shit ever)

    Best Feedback Participant-Chill

    Best Episode – The one were you guys meet Phonte and Chris Lamberth
    Best Interview – Which guest had the best interview segment on the show?

    Best Argument – when Rod and Chill had their disagreement about feminism.

  15. Sterling

    Best Guest Individual – Chris Lamberth or Amber P

    Best Guest Group – Whiskey Wine and Moonshine

    Best New Guest – TLFC

    Funniest Moment – Rod and Kriss giving Sterling an intervention (TNO EP 7)

    Best Feedback – Chill

    Best Episode – Either the episode after meeting Phonte Hardwick and Lamberth, or the feedback episode where all black men learned we must fuck white women til babies pop out

    Best Interview – MT 14: The Wound God or MT 7: Leesa Dean

  16. Ms. Smart

    Best Guest–Group

    Whiskey, Wine and Moonshine

    Yes! I nominated myself. I’ll come back to do the other noms later. 🙂

  17. Chi Love

    Best Impression – Rod’s: Doing Eddie Long

  18. Anthony Animal Thug Tatum

    Best Guest-Afrosintric
    Best commenter-Chi Love
    Best Impression-Rod Eddie Long

  19. TerriLiv

    Best impression – BDS 30 (Rod & Justin as RG3 & McNabb)
    BDS 24 (Rod & Justin as Tiger Woods)
    BDS??? As Greg Oden’s doctor
    BDS (Rod & Justin as Kobe/ Melo’s wife)
    Best guest – Patrice on all of #DemThrones episodes
    Chris Lamberth
    Best new guest – JL Cauvin for individual; Three Guys On (group)
    Best group guests – NicJu & Reggie of What’s the Tea
    Funniest moment – Karen’s rant on the need for porn labels ep. 464

  20. TerriLiv

    Best Feedback – Chill
    Best Episode – TRHH 3: Kut the Checkz
    Best Interview – MT 14: The Wound God
    MT 4: Blasian Bytch
    MT 1: AfroSinTrick
    Best Argument – Ep 578 Feminism (Chill vs. Rod, Karen, Owen)
    BDS 32: Vick vs. Rod/Justin about Dwyane Wade, Jameis
    Ep.535 with Brown Skin & Glasses about Don Lemon

  21. Animaine_Sparkster

    Funniest Moment (need clip)– It’s a tie between the Wesley Pipes discussion (Ep 549: The 90 Day Rule from 1:15:05 to 1:23:31) and the 10 types of black preachers clip (Ep 548: Karen Snacks from 1:01:50 to 1:25:20).

  22. Debutante24

    Best guests (group) – The Black Astronauts

    Favorite New Guest (group or individual) – Chonilla

    Funniest Moment (need clip)– When you guys along with The Black Astronauts introduced me to the talented freestyling of Wesley Pipes! haha!

  23. P.AndreJoseph

    Best Impression: Tiger Woods Cheating
    BDS #24 hot sauce in my bag @1:35

  24. Kurosarakokuou

    Best guest (individual) – That guy from Nerdpocaylpse

    Best guests (group) – Brownskin & Glasses

    Favorite New Guest (group or individual): Brownskin & Glasses

    Funniest Moment (need clip)– dont have the minute mark, but the sauce revolution rant was excellent!

    Best Episode – Dudebro episode!

    Best Argument (need clip) – The one on feminism.

  25. ashy3classy

    Best Guest Indiviual-Amber P
    Best guest group-the black astronauts
    Favorite new guest-the black astronauts(dont judge me!)
    Funniest moment episode 590(around 1 hour and 17 min) Wesley Pipes top ten list

  26. Animaine_Sparkster

    Favorite New Guest (group or individual)- N’jaila Rhee

  27. Animaine_Sparkster

    Best Feedback Participant – Chill

  28. trojanscooter

    Best Impression-Justin and Rod from BDS 30 Pick Up The Phone RG3 starting at minute mark 1:11:35

    Best Random Thought (??)- Karen’s porn labels from episode 464. She went in at the 35:25 minute mark.

  29. Animaine_Sparkster

    Best guests (group) – The Black Astronauts Ladies Launch

  30. Mike in London

    Best episode: the one where you meet Phonte

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