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Announcing The 2nd Annual #TBGWT Awards – “The Tippies”


The Tippies – This post is for nominating your favorite moments, guest and episodes of The Black Guy Who Tips. This is only for nominations. Any show from this year can be nominated including premium shows.  If you’re thinking of some episodes or clips that you’d like to put into contention for voting this is the place to nominate those things. Just reply to this thread so we can keep all of the feedback in one place. You don’t have to have a nomination for every category and you don’t have to do it all at once. We’ll keep this post up for at least a month.

Best Impressions (need clip) – For example when Karen did her Elmo impression on the show or Rod did the impression of the drunk newswoman. You need to provide us with the minute mark and episode in order for us to get the clip to play on our nomination show

Best guest (individual) – Pick the guest that you think did the best job on the show as an individual

Best guests (group) – Pick the guests that you think did the best job on the show as a group. Must be on the same show together.

Favorite New Guest (group or individual)

Funniest Moment (need clip)– What is the funniest moment you’ve heard on the show? We need you to provide us with an episode number and minute mark in order for us to get the clip.

Best Feedback Participant

Best Episode – Self explanatory. Just tell us which show is the best in your opinion.

Best Interview – Which guest had the best interview segment on the show?

Best Argument (need clip) – Hey sometimes we disagree either with guests or each other. Which was the best debate / argument in your opinion?



I love THIS game!

Yay! The NBA is back!

I just want to get my thoughts out about the NBA being back. I have loved the NBA since I was a kid. I was a fan of the Charlotte Hornets since they came into the league back in 1988 I was 9 years old. I loved the cheering in the stands, the sold out arenas, and the hype of the playoffs. I even played basketball when I was younger. It has been a part of my life. When I heard that the lock out was over and saw how many people had so much to say (good and bad) about it ending, I wanted to speak my mind about it. I feel that there are some people who used to love the NBA then something happened and they lost that love. For others, they are just not fans at all.

Either way, I feel the voices of the people who love this game are being drowned out by people who don’t share the same enjoyment of the sport. I always have and always will love the NBA.  There is nothing like the start of the season when everyone is fresh and ready to play and there is nothing like the playoffs where everyone is fighting for their playoff lives. Now I didn’t end the lock out like Rod but I can say I love the fact that NBA is back. I LOVE this game baby!