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620: Kanye’s Asswhooping Face


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Rod and Karen are joined by the crew of The Black Astronauts Podcast to discuss the Golden Globes, Woody Allen getting a pass from Hollywood, Kanye has to defend Kim’s honor, Gabby Union blames herself for D Wade cheating, 6 ways black mothers can raise a sorry man, Kroger bank robber, atomic wedgie murder, brother vs brother over PB and J and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Blaq Rob

    Single black mothers are the low hanging fruit when it comes to social discussions. Its easy to attack them and there aren’t a lot of people who will come out and defend them. Its like when they start writing about violent video games after a mass shooting- in both circumstances, its just lazy writing because we know the issues are much more complex then simply “single black mamas do better” or “video games cause gun violence.”

  2. PrinceLeron

    Its weird when you think about what Hollywood sees as important. Every time I hear Woody Allen, my next thought is soon yi. Hollywood provides protection for people they consider great. It’s inappropriate to talk about Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, or Mel Gibson.

    • @WakandasFinest

      How much you wanna bet Woody Allen is the main Hollywood player silently keeping Mel Blackballed? just a theory

  3. @WakandasFinest

    – Fun Fact: there is a School here in Lansing Named Sankofa.

    -Woody Allen is a Sick Saltine

    -If i was Kanye, i wouldn’t have came after that dude. i would have kissed her while grabbin that ass & yelled back “and wheres YOUR white woman? thats what i thought” and kept it rollin

    -C’mon Gabby. don’t be that woman. Hes a NBA player, & you just gave him a Hall Pass in Miami, girl. MIAMI. I don’t want to see your Tears messing up Oprahs Couch when one of his Half-Cuban love Children is playing for the Gators in 18 years

    – My mother didn’t raise me to be a sorry Black man, Rather she raised me to be a Flipper Purify brother with Dolemite Swag. that being said, ive Reconsidered the Race Dillution plan. ive gathered the the Darkest & most Wesley Pipes lookin ass niggas to carry out the Revolution. Operation Dirty Snow is under way,. REVOLUTION!

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