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621: Stay Scholarshippy


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Rod and Karen discuss the Juicy J twerking / non twerking scholarship debacle, Beyonce writes a feminist letter, Fox is doing away with pilot season, polar vortex spikes porn, blue meth makes you sick, some news bloopers, hip hop causes Canadian gun violence, racist police woman Facebook post, bleach on son’s junk, retired cop is tired of movie texting and sword ratchetness.

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  1. da_ticklah

    People went looking for depth and nuance from Juicy J….

    Nigga Please let that fool continue to be his ratchet greatness.

  2. @WakandasFinest

    Hip-Hop doesn’t cause gun Violence in Canada. Having the face of the Toronto Rap Scene be Wheelchair Jimmy causes Gun Violence in Canada.

  3. Shay Baker

    oops I mean “you can’t* do this”

  4. Shay Baker

    I’m just wondering is anyone discussing the possibility that Juicy J originally truly intenteded for it to be a scholarship based on twerking, then turned around and switched it up. I can imagine he has PR people who are aware of social media and the feminist mob. They may have tapped him on the shoulder like, “sir, you can do this.” It’s strange to me that after producing over a decade of mysoginistic music, that he would he would all of a sudden develop this strong moral compass. Just a thought….

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