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634: Run Sharon Run!


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Rod and Karen are joined by Jae (Impossible White Man) to discuss being in finance, Marathon running, TBGWT is black history, the Super Bowl, Ride Along, Phillip Seymour Hoffman dead, Broadway during Superbowl week, football fans and porn, safe ads this year, 9/11 truther sneaks into the post game presser, the one ring phone scam, Flavor Flav arrested, woman steals from dead man, old lady won’t stop feeding bears, children given the electric chair and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    Do people with kids understand the sacrifices that come the the decision to have youngins. if your kids are in the room then there are some programs that you can not watch. Why should every program cater it’s experience to suit your dumb ass kids. The superbowl started at 6:30 so your kids where probrably awake and if you thought the commercials where too racy then you can watch the shit. I have nieces and nephews and when they visits I can’t watch Spartacus. I be in this bitch watching Toy Story 3. The truth is that these parents are personally offended by the commercials but bring up children so they don’t get ridiculed. Fuck y’all.

  2. @Wakandasfinest

    Let me start by giving my Condolences to Flavor Flav on the loss of his mother. I still chuckle a bit whne on his comedy central roast he introduced her to his friend, Porn Legend Ron Jeremy. Id speed to my mommas funeral as well.

    anyway, as for the issue of safe ads & people being offended, let me say this once more about the parents of america that get pissed off at things “offending” their children:
    these parents are becoming the social equivalent to the guy who brings his wife & kids to the UFC fight party and then either get legitimately angry that were watching two men beat the shit out of each other or faint outrage to stay face in front of their actually outraged Significant Other. not everything is about your goddamn kids. Neither the Super Bowl nor the Grammys or any form of entertainment has to tone itsself down for you out of fear of your outrage.

    anyway, keep up the good work. TBGWT.

  3. Shay Baker

    I investigate abuse and neglect in my state and I’ve seen a lot of crazy, hilarious, and just plain messed up stuff but Florida is notorious for having the worse cases in the country (shocking). So, that taser story didnt surprise me one bit. My co-worker used to work in Florida and he said the worse part is that a lot of the abuse there never gets reported so at least those kids had a different outcome. But ummm I saw a picture of that lady and she looks a little off; who left their child with her and why?! Oh Florida….

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