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635: Who Cares About Diversity?


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Rod and Karen discuss masturbation scares in France and BYU, Divorce Court, 28 reasons to hug a black guy, Adult Swim stating at 8pm, hundreds of journalist get laid off via conference call, Super Bowl bets, paparazzi laws, Dick Black, Huckabee on women’s libidos, birth control side effects, Seinfeld on diversity, drunk driver with stuff up his bum, Twitter abuse leads to jail time, counterfeit money makers and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    I might have to give Seinfeld a 100% pass on this. I don’t think that diversity fall on the likes of him. Comedians such as Patrice O’neal, Hannibal Buress, Bill Burr, Doug Stanhope, Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Dave Attell, Anthony Jeselnik, Daniel Tosh, and many others have mostly white fan bases and push the issue when it comes to the race and privilege. It is a misconception that the lack of diversity is due to consumer ignorance. The truth is that if they wanted diversity, they could easily find it. it is not Seinfeld’s duty or responsibility to provide a diversified show for his audience. If he made made people laugh then his job was done. That may make his passively part of the “problem” that I believe doesn’t actually exist.

    • PrinceLeron

      With that being said, you can judge Seinfeld and his audience but black comedians are out here eating with Seinfeld’s endorsement.

  2. @Wakandasfinest

    First, about the Paparazzi issue: The main Politician opposing it is from Irvine, CA. Irvine. A place that is notoriously Racist. Even Rage Against The Machine Lead Singer Zack De La Rocha said that when he grew up near there that they treated him like shit due to him being half Mexican. you don’t think a politician out of that town wouldn’t mind the Paparazzi making the life of any & all left leaning Celebs a living hell if possible?

    As for Seinfeld & his issue with Diversity in comedy, I think its safe to say why its not black & brown people aren’t as accepted in mainstream comedy: if white people have to look at it, they are forced in some form or facet to see a reality for others caused either by their Privilege or their Indifference. Even if a shows not Good Times, they still will have to step outside their world when a show deals with things like Misbehavior in public or the things parents worry about happening more often to the kids.

  3. INegro Montoya

    Maaaaaan look. That whole anti-masturbation thing is real. I was a part of a few Christian circles in College who were heavy on the shaming of the beating of the meat. They’d misinterpret bible verses and even make verses up to justify their stance. It’s bad enough we can’t have sex until marriage, and you encourage us to wait until we’re good and grown before we get married. But now we can’t even rub one out to relieve the tension?! So basically we gotta be backed up for years, and if we slip up even once, we could go to hell? Imagine having THAT on your mind while watching your favorite porno. I’m lucky I didn’t just jump out of my dorm room window.

    • @Wakandasfinest

      Dude, its just old or young dumb people looking at the world with a Antiquated Paradigm. Sexual Frustration never works for religions. look at Islam in the middle east: The government there outright makes pre-marital sex & masturbation illegal. combine that with high heat & no alcohol and its no Surprise Al Qaeda can convince a guy to blow himself up by promising him 72 Virgins in the afterlife.

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