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638: Cliff’s Notes Nukes


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Rod and Karen are joined by Rashanii, Scarfinger and Jay of the Dreamteam podcast to discuss Facebook movies, weed amnesty, phone alarm ringtones, NBC edits the Olympics, Navy cheaters, Russian lady’s racist tweet, Zimmerman fight called off maybe, school bus sex, good Samaritan car jacked, arsonist masturbator and sword ratchetness.

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  1. @Wakandasfinest

    1. why do you have to pick an alarm tone for your phone? isn’t there a function or App that lets you use one of your MP3s as a ringtone?

    2. The whole Navy Nuclear incompetence issue scares me because it reaminds me of the classic john woo film “broken arrow” yes, it was the air force instead of the navy. but whats scarier: the idea someone could screw up & turn Utah into a Fallout zone or that someone could turn the Poison the Entire Pacific Rim with one wrong push of a button?

  2. butterbean

    These dudes stepped all over Rod in this episode. :/

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