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OSR 2: The Walking Dead Season 4 Part 1

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Rod and Karen discuss the first half of AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4.



  1. NatashaP

    Excellent show! I don’t watch the Waking Dead, but still found myself totally engrossed in your recaps. I’ll definitely be tuning on for more reviews.

  2. 04soldier

    Great new show!! As a premium member I’m getting more for the same low price what a bargain…

    But on topic..on episode 7 I felt the same way you did Rod about Mitch and the governor killing his brother and then recruiting him to be his right hand man.. it was poorly written and took me right out of the show..

    There’s no way you kill my family and then expect us to be comrades afterwards… The walking dead is a great show but that was a big hangup that was poorly designed in the big battle that was soon to come.

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