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641: Snow Day!


Rod and Karen discuss snow arriving in Charlotte, don’t go to work, crazy grad student Valentine, business meetings, the Lego movie, snow on NC roads, no yoga pants in school, no blankets for the homeless, toilet sent to AZ representative, Crystal Pepsi hoax, Labeouf back, college is worth it but barely, God is the 3rd person in your marriage, terrorist praying for earthquakes, 75 year of AA up for debate, Samuel L Jackson gets mistaken for Larry Fishburne, Don Lemon defends people mistaking folks for looking alike, father threatens 9 year old with gun, woman shoots up McDonald’s over bacon, Kristen Smith steals baby, drunker than Cooter Brown and sword ratchetness.

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  1. @Wakandasfinest

    1. Me thinks the school protests too much in the case of the yoga pants. I mean really this can only be the result of one of two things: A. some pissy, oversensitive mom is mad that the girls in yoga pants are causing her precious little baby boy to start looking at girls or B. the principal is a R. Kelly Fan

    2. seriously? GOD is the 3rd person in your marriage? look, im gonna try and be as terse as possible because this is your show & not mine, but fuck each & every last one of these people that say this kind of shit. to throw in the both antiquated & borderline schizophrenic logic of a fucking deity watching your marriage in the wings does not cause people to have better marriages. it causes paranoia, it causes stress, it causes distrust, it causes lies, it causes the very thing you hope to prevent: divorces. in the words of Elon James White: I don’t want him to die, i just want him to fall down.

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