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TNO 30: Goodbye Flappy Bird


Rod is joined by Kriss, Karen and Kev to discuss what we’ve been watching and playing, Superior Spiderman, Avengers: The Initiative, Stan Lee’s Mighty 7, Xbox One update, incest rape blamed on Xbox, Resident Evil composer is a fraud, Google buys Nest, Free to play games restricted in the UK, Flappy Bird, Twitter wants to be Facebook, Key And Peele on Non-Stop, Star Wars vs Star Trek, taking the Akira out of Akira, new guy for Transporter 4, casting for Fox’s Gotham series, Flash casting, Will Smith out for Independence Day 4, South Park game done, Sonic not coming to Xbox One and PS4, Walking Dead episode 2 just around the corner, Xbox One free game promotion coming soon and finally Call of Duty switching to 3 year cycle.

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  1. Nahan87

    Yah! You have the KKK on this week. Love it when Karen, Kriss and Kev are on

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