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643: Looking Ass Nicki


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Rod and Karen discuss the PA turnpike disaster, Kanye remixed Drunk In Love, Onyx is back, Ellen Page comes out, the Boy Scouts lose 6% of enrollment, Bob Jones university sexual investigation, new gender options on Facebook, Nicki Minaj empowering women, Drake is being petty again, Dunn trial comes to a close, 21 things you can’t do while black, police over preparing for riots in the wake of the Dunn verdict, Zimmerman, naked woman breaks ankle, man bits mailman, man take DUI test, woman is horny and violent and sword ratchetness.

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  1. INegro Montoya

    WTH is going on with rappers showing their asses in regards to black history lately? This time last year we were treated to the horrendous “beat the pussy up like Emmett Till” line from Lil Wayne, now this? Throw in these party promoter asshats using MLK’s image on club flyers during his national holiday, and you’ve got a recipie for a generation of folks who don’t give two smooth squirrel turds about their own history. I guess next year we’ll have to put up with people using images of black men protecting black women from fire hoses with captions reading “Don’t save these hoes” or some shit like that. I quit humans.

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