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648: Knowledge Theyself


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Rod and Karen discuss ESPN’s N-word special, a McDonald’s problem on twitter, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton splitting, Alec Baldwin splitting, Lobbyist drafts bill to keep gays out of the NFL, heterosexuality under attack, man complains that whore turned him down, Lena Dunham wanna be on Scandal, Juror #8, white man in a black mask, principal drags kid, teacher banging students, crack in the ass and sword ratchetness.

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  1. @Wakandasfinest

    While Personally I think Lena Dunham is attractive in a Friends-18-year old younger sister sort of way, no…just…no. the only way it could work is if she was Hucks’ love interest & got aced out by one of his old assassin buddies out of revenge.

    speaking of fuckery, Juror #8. **sigh** in an effort to keep things terse, ill just say this: shes dumb as fuck & looks like momma Dee.

    Keep up the good work, guys!

  2. Chuck Spears

    As per the NFL and it’s treatment of women, I had to stop being a Steelers fan because of Big Ben’s multiple rape allegations. I became a fan of the team when it was helmed by Cordell Stewart (Black Quarterbacks, stand up). I mean they have a black coach, but the charges outweigh that. I guess I’ll be a typical New Yorker and root for the Giants now.

    But I’m beginning to wonder if I should support the league at all, because the cover ups for athletes that didn’t have ties to a dog fighting ring seems to be systemic and problematic.

  3. Didi Jenning

    I think a lot of male NFL fans who are worried about gay fans checking out football players is really a fear that their favorite players (and by extension, themselves) will be treated the way that they generally treat women. All of a sudden the jokes men make about how being objectified is okay become real and it’s not very funny anymore.

    Who’s gonna start the Change.org petition to keep Lena Dunham off Scandal?

    That F***ing With Black People theme song is so catchy. Now excuse me while I go knowledge myself on the law.

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