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Put Your 2014 Tippies Nomination In This Thread

Let’s get an early start this year. You can nominate any show from 2014 on this thread right here. Just make sure you put the minute mark for those clips that we need a minute mark so we can grab a clip.

The Tippies – This post is for nominating your favorite moments, guest and episodes of The Black Guy Who Tips. This is only for nominations. Any show from this year can be nominated including premium shows.  If you’re thinking of some episodes or clips that you’d like to put into contention for voting this is the place to nominate those things. Just reply to this thread so we can keep all of the feedback in one place. You don’t have to have a nomination for every category and you don’t have to do it all at once. We’ll keep this post up for at least a month.

Best Impressions (need clip) – For example when Karen did her Elmo impression on the show or Rod did the impression of the drunk newswoman. You need to provide us with the minute mark and episode in order for us to get the clip to play on our nomination show

Best guest (individual) – Pick the guest that you think did the best job on the show as an individual

Best guests (group) – Pick the guests that you think did the best job on the show as a group. Must be on the same show together.

Favorite New Guest (group or individual)

Funniest Moment (need clip)– What is the funniest moment you’ve heard on the show? We need you to provide us with an episode number and minute mark in order for us to get the clip.

Best Feedback Participant

Best Episode – Self explanatory. Just tell us which show is the best in your opinion.

Best Interview – Which guest had the best interview segment on the show?

Best Argument (need clip) – Hey sometimes we disagree either with guests or each other. Which was the best debate / argument in your opinion?


  1. Tanya Weiman (@tanyaweiman)

    Best Guest: Three Guys On!

  2. C Baby

    852:Glittery Gay Blood
    Funniest Moment: The Blood has Glitter in It (Reggie of “What’s the Tea”)
    2:18:08 – 2:18:30

    Funniest Moment: Explaining to Justin how the Red Cross figures out which blood donors are gay. (Justin and Rod…I think Reggie’s in this too. Can’t remember.)
    2:18:30 – 2:19:49

    859: Respect the Queen
    Funniest Musical Moment: Up on the House Top Parody (Rod)
    (Maybe I’m weird, but this makes me chuckle every time I hear it.)
    1:38:54 – 1:39:42
    *I added padding in the beginning for context

    Best Impression: Mocking Andy Rooney (Rod and Karen)
    1:21:34 – 1:25:53
    *I added padding in the beginning for context

    • C Baby

      Two Things:

      1. Best the Best Impression nomination is for Ep. 861: 60 Minutes Man

      2. Last night I realized that Ep. 859 and 861 aren’t eligible for the 2014 Tippies cause they happened at the top of this year. Could ya’ll hold on to them for the 2015 Tippies?

  3. chefboyardu

    Glittery gay blood for the best episode! It was so good.

  4. NatashaP

    Funniest moment: episode 852, around the 2:18 mark when Reggie said the blood will have glitter in it. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long, long time.

    Best Guests: Nic, Reggie and Justin in episode 852. The whole episode was like having a long brunch with my smart and ratchet friends.

  5. Sterling H

    Best new guest nomination: Olivia BKA Femme_Esq on Twitter. She is amazing

  6. NatashaP

    Funniest moment: Episode 844 at the 1:17 mark when Rod does an old-school nerd voice while reading Prince LaRon’s comment. Flipping hilarious.

  7. Dr_Doughstax

    I nominate 843: Unsolicited Baby Pics starting at 42:00:00 with Karen’s realness on the issues of rape and rape culture for best argument. She might not have been yelling at anyone in particular, but goddamn it real.

  8. nell210s

    Funniest moment ALS7 starting at the 6 min mark ending at the 9 min mark. I laughed the entire episode!

  9. rodimusprime

    I guess this would be under a reenactment category, but episode 827 Team Carryl where you guys are being the announcers at a KKK fashion show – HI-larious!!!!

  10. Sterling H

    Funniest moment nomination episode 822: No More Mens 11:33 minute mark when Justin tries to explain how homosexuality is a choice and Rod doubles down with the “you really wanna do this today? I ain’t got no where to go!”

  11. AJtheEngineer

    Best Episode – Ep 828 – I love the Ratchet Hatchet podcast and am glad to know Jess and Josh are doing well and continuing to grow. Also, Jess is a white woman and a national treasure, so she needs a tippie.

  12. ashy3classy

    Also best moment- the nerd Off
    TNO 29: B-R5RB Under Attack! when they explain someone losing thousands in a video game-Last 20 min

  13. ashy3classy

    Best guest….the black astronauts Surprise!
    Also best new guest-Three a negroes
    Best moment-Kanye’s ass whooping face-will provide minute marker
    Best moment -This is Wakanda rant

  14. LBrothersMedia

    I would like to nominate Rod’s Wakanda/Black Panther rant from the beginning of Episode 813 for funniest moment. That shit is hilarious.

  15. C Baby

    Best Imitation
    775 Ilyanla Fixes Ferguson
    – Rod imitates Dr. Phil
    * 32:20-32:55

    Funniest Moment (or Funniest Musical Moment if more musical nominations come in. *hint**loud whisper* Somebody nominate the “Y’all Motorboat that Butt” song. I didn’t write the times down when I had the chance. 🙁 )
    811: Dr. Strange Love
    – Rod and Karen Spoof “Going Home” by Kenny G
    1:20:13 – 1:21:34

  16. Jwan Allen

    Best party moment and funniest moment- Ep. 813 This! Is! Wakanda! min mark 13:17 – 20:50 Rod partying for being right on the Chadwick selection to play THE BLACK PANTHER, No Flex zone indeed and They do know better!

  17. PrinceLeron

    Best Impression-Rod and Justin on BDS 73 Kevin Durant meets Monica Wright’s new boyfriend. starting at 2:26:45.

  18. nell210s

    Ummmm….. I know technically this haven’t happened yet. I’m still going to do it. Best interview I’m nominating Jemele Hill! God I love that woman! Yes, Rod I’m jealous as hell!

  19. NatashaP

    Best impression: Episode 791 around the 55:40 mark. Kai had me hollering with her Fantasia impression. I must have hit the 30 second rewind like 10 times.

  20. AJtheEngineer

    Best Feedback Participant: L Brothers

  21. AJtheEngineer

    Funniest Moment: Episode 787 @ 1:48:55 – 1:49:30, orgasm guy at the casket.

  22. AJtheEngineer

    Best Episode: #721, Food Stamp Bitches

  23. AJtheEngineer

    Favorite new guest (group): Mel and Ceej (Good and Terrible)

  24. nell210s

    I second that nomination.

  25. NatashaP

    Funniest moment: Episode 785: around the 1:03 mark. Rod’s Kanye mid-concert rant impression? C’est magnifique!

    Best new guests: Episode 786, Mel and Ceej from the Good and Terrible Show.

  26. Animaine_Sparkster

    Favorite new guest: Mel and Ceej. Hope this is their 1st of many appearances on TBGWT!

  27. NatashaP

    Funniest moment- episode 777, starting around the 43:46 mark. Floyd Mayweather reading ISIS statements It was so deliciously inappropriate. I cackled way too hard.

  28. rodimusprime

    Rod’s reaction at the 19:17-23 point and the first few beats of Vica Versa is priceless. The following conversation from that point thru the 30 minute point to include the song break break down from 19 – 41 minute mark is hilarious…and spot on.

    Chris from Hawaii

  29. rodimusprime

    – My first nomination is for a podcast from six months ago. In episode 641 (from 1:26:33 – 1:29:50) you discussed an article about Caucasian separatists who were praying for an earthquake to stop the Sochi Olympics, instead of going there themselves to commit acts of terrorism. The whole discussion deserves a nomination in its own right, but one particular thing that Karen said made me happy for days. Rod, you were questioning the level of commitment that these terrorists had; you accused them of leaving it up to Allah to do their work for them, when Karen replied (at 1:27:46), “Faith without works is dead, people.”

    Not knowing your categories, I would place that under “Best creative use of the Bible” or “Best combination of innocence and sarcasm” or maybe, “Did Karen really just say that?”. (By the way, if people haven’t heard Karen’s latest guest spot on the “What’s the Tea?” podcast, they really need to do so.)

    – My other Tippyâ„¢ Award nomination is for “Segment most likely to make white people turn even more pale” (or maybe something involving the color of cheese). It’s the “Fuckin’ with Black People” segment of episode 735, “Thank You, White Man.”

  30. PrinceLeron

    Best Episode: #750: The Heterocaust with Romaine Walters

  31. PrinceLeron

    Favorite New Guest: Romaine Walters

  32. lrjoiner

    Man listen, Ep. 761 Rhythm and Battery, starting around the 55 min mark when you guys started analyzing Let’s Get Married by Jagged Edge, I was laughing so hard that people were looking at me like I was Joseline Hernandez teaching an English class. Definitely nominating that for the Funniest Moment. Matter of fact, fuck that, I’m nominating this entire episode for best episode. This is the epitome of why I love your show. You properly touched on the Michael Brown situation, only to follow it up with the Solange Breaking News, which has temporarily become my favorite segment because I never see it coming, then topped that off with the Jagged Edge analysis! I was done son…Good shit man

  33. LBrothersMedia

    I’d like to nominate Rod and Karen’s breakdown of Crunk Music from Episode 759 for Funniest Moment. The clip starts at the 25:40 mark and ends at 41:31. This clip may be too long, but I thought it was pretty funny.

  34. BlaqRob

    I want to nominate BDS 63 for funniest moment- not sure of the minute mark, but when Rod and Justin started reviewing the “B-Ball’s Best Kept Secret” album- that shit was greatness.

  35. rodimusprime

    BDS 60

    Funniest moment Tippy nomination @ 5:00 minutes when the theme song goes out. Rod and Justin continue to sing the entire song, it was terrible but funny as hell.

  36. Anonymous

    Realest Moment: Rod shutting ol dude down for talking about his wife. Don’t fuck with Karen.
    Funniest Moment: Praise the Lord Bakery. I was walking down the street laughing I know people thought I was crazy. If they only knew…

  37. LBrothersMedia

    I want to nominate the “Praise The Lord Bakery” sketch from episode 737 for funniest moment. That joint was hilarious.

  38. rodimusprime

    Anarke216 – I wanna nominate time 1:02:50 – 1:03:51 for Funniest (Realist) Moment. No one disrespects Mrs. Karen and Rod showed that by cutting that nigga hella short and hitting him with the mutumbo block, NIGGA DONT EVER CALL BACK. #greatness.

  39. SayDatAgain

    This is from @scriberesq on twitter “Karen’s Training Ground ” (Ep. 678, 51:58 – 1:00:13) – funniest moment 2014 Tippie nominee on #TBGWT

  40. O4Soldier

    Funniest Moment episode 735 1:37:57 Mike and Brandon of the Comedy Outliers podcast for Thank you white man.

  41. rodimusprime

    Sorry, I don’t know how you are meant to do this. But I had a suggestion for the best moment tippy for next year. When Rod, Karen and Justin were doing impressions as a black dog as DMX. It started around the 148 minute mark during guess the race. In episode 732. Lucy

  42. NatashaP

    Best episode: 732: Pizza Forensics

  43. rodimusprime

    All of you need a Tippy for this…

    Ep. 732 – Pizza Forensics 2:27:50 Justin, Rod, & Karen as pound puppies trying to get chose.

    Y’all, I’m in tears!! LOL!

    Ashanti not the crap singer

  44. Tanya Weiman (@tanyaweiman)

    Best Rant: Rod’s incredibly frustrated “Don’t talk over the boos!!!!!” on episode 727 timecode 2:33 — priceless!

  45. NatashaP

    funniest moment

    BDS Ep 57 – around the 1:58 mark. Justin imitating Tiger Woods . . . “two peas in a pod” had me hollering.

  46. L. Brothers Media

    What up! I wanted to send a quick message to nominate Episode 721 as Best Episode for the next Tippy Award show. This is the Food Stamp Bitches review that Nic Ju and I were on. It was a funny episode and I feel like we all did a good job discussing the book.

  47. PrinceLeron

    Best Interview

    Sara Jay MT 23

  48. PrinceLeron

    Funniest Moment
    BDS 46 at the 2:30 mark. Great went after Karen brings up Walking in the Rain when discussing the Missouri student getting arrested twice in one day.

  49. Rodimus Prime

    Episode 693

    time stamp start 1:24:00

    you and Justin were acting like you were talking through a voice
    modulator acting like men in fear of being recorded. DUDE, that shit was
    funnnty! I’m at work listening to it, trying to hold my laughs in. I
    usually keep my podcast life to myself on the cubicle farm but I HAD to
    bring it over to the one co-worker I trust to listen to this clip. OMG, I
    keep listening to it over and over.

  50. Rodimus Prime

    James T. Green@onthefirefly
    @TBGWT Definite newest funniest moment…y’all’s WBLK station promos on Ep. 713 at 44:30! #TBGWT

  51. NatashaP

    Best Impression
    BDS: 54 at the 55:39 mark- Rod as T.I. and Justin as Floyd Mayweather.

  52. yourhoodlawyer

    Funniest moment: Balls Deep Sports episode 52 1 hr 56 mins ordering AIDS

  53. chefboyardu

    Best impression: Rod as Ms. Mona Sinclair/Steve Wiles, Episode 698. 1hr 11 minute mark

  54. yourhoodlawyer

    Best impression: Justin and Rod doing Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano on Balls Deep Sports episode 1hr 45min mark

  55. NatashaP

    Funniest Moment

    Episode 696 – 1:18:11 – Karen asks if BBC stands for big colored cocks. Legendary tank. Legendary. I had a coughing fit I laughed so hard.

  56. Marlena

    Funniest Moment: 687: An Uncle Daddy Production starts at 2:09:31

    Karen explaining why it’s better to get hit in the face with a hard boil egg than a raw egg.

  57. NatashaP

    Best impression: Rod and Justin’s impression of Ice JJ Fish singing the theme song on BDS episode 48.

  58. 04soldier

    I nominate Patrice C. For Best Guest. Every episode she graces us on #DemThrones is a blessing. Pure Magic.

  59. Rodimus Prime

    “Karen’s Training Ground ” (Ep. 678, 51:58 – 1:00:13) – funniest moment 2014 Tippie nominee on #TBGWT by @Scriberesq on Twitter

  60. INegro Montoya

    I propose a new category: Realest moment. For those rare moments where the TBGWT world gets serious and Rod and Karen drop that realness. I nominate the segment from ep 683 Loving Black Women (1:14:21 to 1:54:47) where Rod and Karen expound upon the scorn Black Women receive in this society and why Rod, as a Black Man, appreciates the Black women in his life.

  61. Leonard Brothers

    I want to nominate myself and Chill for Best Argument for our little rap battle on episode 671. I also want to nominate myself for Best Feedback. This is one of the categories a person can win more than once over time, so why not me again? Am I right? Up top!!!

  62. ebonybabbsbrown

    Funniest moment: r kelly church songs. Episode 663 7:20 mark. This had me in tears! I literally laughed til my stomach hurt off this one. Keep up the great work!

  63. Blaq Rob

    I want to nominate Chill and Leonard Brothers for best argument (Episode 671). That shit was random as hell but funny and funny as shit.

  64. ShePuentes

    Best Argument: (Around 1:55:00) Ep. 671 Chill vs L. Brothers; L. Brothers, “When is your birthday?” Chill, “The day I was born!!!” The back and forth was hilarious. Arguing over an award only a few days after losing/winning. haha.

  65. M-Skye7

    Best episode: 662- Spades Having Elon on the regular show was awesome. I hollered the whole episode.

    • NatashaP

      Seconded. This ep had me in stitches.

  66. INegro Montoya

    Best Interview: Pia Glenn

  67. LadyRo46

    Funniest Moment:Ep #DrMannings Bars-Rod’s impression of Jesus starting at the 1hr 8 min mark onward. Jesus as Denzel in Training Day especially had me crying.

    • INegro Montoya

      I 2nd dis here nomination, homeguhl! HEEEEEEEY!

  68. Terri

    Best Feedback: ProfessLCH. She has a way with words. Hearing her feedback made me miss my college professors.

  69. Neil

    Funniest Moment: Ep.657, #DrManningBars….starts at the 32:00 min mark and just keeps going, pick a 2-min section of it. Dogg, I’m sure the people on my bus thought I was crazy because I was cry-laughing at this shit. It may be the best segment y’all have ever done.

  70. INegro Montoya

    Favorite New Guest: Brandon Collins and Mike Brown from Comedy Outliers. #KaNuckles #InfidelityGold #BigTittyPussy

  71. Terri

    Best Impression– Ep. 648: Knowledge Theyself (Rod & Karen both do impressions of the white robber pretending to be black). Starting at 1:22:20

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