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654: Church Or Jail Hoe


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Rod and Karen discuss the Ukraine vs Russia, daughter sues her parents, church or jail for AZ prostitutes, Swiss cheese bandit strikes again, Subway complainer, 63 black Harvard students, pastor demands the women in his congregation go commando, blind Florida killer gets gun back, Chris Brown, first black diver for the NYPD, Chelsea Handler, Ellen accuse of Transphobia, brother and sister kiss in jail, gang caught cause of Facebook, can raps be part of court and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    That girl is the new definition of privilege. There is no way I could have pulled that shit as a teenager. I would have been like a runaway slave. Nobody would have taken me in because of the fear that Linda would have came looking for my ass. And no one wants them problems.

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