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655: Don Blackface


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Rod and Karen discuss people who’d rather debate than discuss on Twitter, homeless Jesus pisses people off, podcast patent trolls, spoiled brat loses in court, pricey NYC dive, attractive meme woman sues, Chipotle guac scandal, TX child beating judge loses spot, Klan recruiter, blackface prank on Kim K, pitt bull banger, roommate helps deadbeat move out, girl beats mother with vibrator and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    i problem with these kids that they don’t represent the majority of black students at these institutions. The MBSH, one of the Harvard black student unions, holds weekly events where black students get together. You wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I have never seen any of those niggas at one these get-togethers. The feeling of loneliness is self inflicted because they are pleading or the affection of white people that they don’t know. Why is it important for them to be recognized? People are not going to treat you like you’re special because you’re just a fucking student. Everyone is fighting to show that they belong. There are plenty of people here trying to prove that their parents money Also this doesn’t represent the majority of white students at Harvard. i have not had any mishaps with a white person since I have been here and I perpetrate every black stereotype. Being black doesn’t stop you from getting the same benefits of white students. You performance will represent you are. The affirmative action piece was written by an undergrad and she was roasted for that shit. All you have to do is don’t fuck with people who support that shit. Lastly, all those students are going to be fine and regret this video in a couple of years/months.

  2. Dr. AbrACEive©

    I love your discussion on people and their religious hang ups. I’ve got no less than three what I call Hypo-Christians on my job that I troll daily because of their hypocritical stances on nearly everything. We have store-wide prayers when I know for a fact that we have non-Christians employed here. Also, when they make homophobic remarks, I usually comeback with some subtle sexist or racist remark that goes right over their heads.

  3. Tristan

    Don Blackface sounds like he could be Don Lemons angry translator

  4. Ingramml

    Love the show. You guys are always on point. As a suburban black kid myself I know how these kids feel. While I completely disagree with how they did it I feel like they are bringing up a problem. These kids aren’t really taught about how white people act. I was never sat down and really explained not matter what you do you will be the other. As my sister would say “The black middle class” is teaching their kids that race doesn’t matter and you can overcome blah blah. These kids are unware and getting blindsided. I agree they are whinny but they just didn’t see it coming. I got my nigga wake up call a lot later in life, Then I learned I will never be viewed in as one of them and finally understood what the deal was.

  5. Anthony H

    Great show once again Rod and Karen. I just had a couple of thoughts on the show that I wanted to share. I went to a predominately white college and dealt with many of the same issues that the kids in the videos talked about and I was prepared for it by my parents. Like you both have said you have to have your own self esteem and self respect before you want/need it from outside entities. I also agree with the idea that yes sometimes you have to have awkward conversations with people because a lot of what separates us, across racial/sexual/class/etc lines is just not knowing. I had a white roommate who over time and with many awkward conversations, which often resulted in hilarity, we’ve become friends to this day. Keep up the good work, I love the show.

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