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657: #DrManningBars


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Rod and Karen are joined by Kriss from the Insanity Check podcast to discuss 300 sequel, day light savings time, lost jet, return of Heroes, Travolta, Dr. James Manning goes at Elon James White, Miley Cyrus, porn ceo does revenge porn preferences on Duke porn star exposing, porn pet peeves, don’t call my daughter pretty, KKK man takes flag down, cannon ball on manatee, woman post husband’s nudes in Wal-Mart, man threw toaster at wife for not having sex and sword ratchetness.

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  1. NicJu


  2. Dr. AbrACEive©

    Yo, forget Son of God, The Passion, or any other Jesus movie. I need someone to take liberties with the story of Jesus like here. Make like Noah and deviate from the Good Book. Rod and Kriss to write the script. You guys made my trip worth it. By the way, my agenda is that Jesus is 5’3″, 365 lbs and with bad teeth that’s the main reason no one took him seriously. I mean would you?

  3. NatashaP

    Dr. Manning sounds like Yoda and Uncle Ruckus had a baby.

    Thank you for this episode. Work has been stressful and I needed to literally laugh out loud today.

  4. PrinceLeron

    I can’t judge the male Duke student because I would spilled the beans if it was me at that age. I once discovered that a classmate was stripping and I had to tell my homeboys. Luckily, Poison enjoyed the new traffic so I don’t feel as bad. And someone need to tell that young boy that the only difference between being freaky or being a pervert is pride. You got to own the nasty porn you watch.

    Also, Rod gave Jesus the Andray Blatche voice.

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