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TNO 31: Nerdnesia


Rod is joined by Kriss, Karen and Sterling to discuss what we’ve been playing / watching, all new ultimates 1, Dr. Strange movie, X-men: Apocalypse, Lupita in Star Wars, Batman DLC, game rentals on PS4, Last of Us movie, no Titanfall in South Africa, games with gold, sales, no more $99 Xbox 360 bundle, PS4 price rising in Canada, video game sales grow 1%, New Transformers game, Xbox One gets a remote, Netflix paying Comcast, douchebag calls Xbox One Kinect a failure and listener questions.

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  1. 04soldier

    Love the Nerd Off!

    Just bought a PS4 recently and Man im enjoying my purchase. I find something very interesting going on with ps4. The ps4 camera is selling like hotcakes and theyre just as harder to find than a new ps4. Its funny becasue that ps4 was not bundled with camera like the xbox was bundled with the kinect. Yet it sales have skyrocketed all the same.

    I think the main selling point of the ps4 camera is the streaming feature. There are some freaks out there that own Playstations that cant wait tease people to garner attention.

    Dont belive me, Check out this link..

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