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MT 20: Pia Glenn


Rod talks with actress, dancer, comedienne Pia Glenn about her sensational Youtube series “Black Weekend Update”, her work on Broadway, having your private life turned public and dealing with criticism. Pia was hilarious, poignant and insightful. I hope you enjoy this discussion as much as I did.

Pia’s Youtube Channel

Pia’s Twitter


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  1. INegro Montoya

    Duuuuuuuude! This interview was FIYAH. It flowed so well and easy, at times it was like you two were old friends catching up. Didn’t even seem like an interview. Win.

    I was already following Pia on twitter and subscribed to her on youtube, but this interview dug deeper and made me wanna interact with her on social media even more. Her’s is easily one of the best channels on youtube right now, almost inspires me to start making videos again. She’s an inspiration and so are you, Rod. Awesomeness on a stick.

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