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IWM 2: Noah

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Rod is joined by Kriss of MovieTrailerReviews.Net to discuss Darren Aronovsky’s “Noah” starring Russell Crowe.

Rating: 105 Abraham Lincolns

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  1. ProfessLCH

    OOOH: so glad I decided to listen to the review before seeing the movie! I almost decided to listen after seeing it so I wouldn’t be spoiled. MInd you: I’d almost decided not to see it because it’s no longer showing on IMAX screens in my area. I decided to check out the Spoiled Movie Review. Couldn’t find “Noah” anywhere. I did a TBGWT website search for it. Lo and Behold: “Noah” qualifies as an Impossible White Man Movie?! SON. I am all IN. Whooo-hooo!

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