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678: April Foolicide


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Rod and Karen discuss Tweet Harassment to Rod and from Karen, actual Street Harassment, Captain America, Twitter and relationships, Truvada, Revenge Porn federal bill, Beyonce pays in selfies, to catch a James Franco, suicide on April Fool’s Day, Obama impersonator does ad, anti-Ivy League article misses the point, DWI critic caught drunk, biology teacher caught giving extra credit and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Shay Baker

    As a person who deals with my own social anxiety and phobias, I’ve struggled with the concept of street harassment.  When I first learned about it, I kind of got a relief because it put a name and definition on those uncomfortable moments that I had sometimes when being approached it public.  But after all the discussions on blogs, twitter, and other social media, I am now feeling that it has gotten completely out of hand.  There’s is no reason for any woman to feel harassed by a man simply saying things like “hi,”  or “how are you today.”  I totally get that feeling you may have when you’re in public and a man is approaching you or standing near you; then when they speak, it just kind of heightens that feeling.  But, I’m also cognizant that these feelings are more about the anxiety I have just in general, and there’s no reason for me to feel threatened by a man or anyone else saying hello.  I think some of these women need to take time to work on their own personal issues and hang ups, instead of going directly to placing the blame on men as harassers to justify their emotions and insecurities. 

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