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691: Don’t Hate The Players


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Rod and Karen discuss more fall out from Donald Sterling’s comments, Obama addresses Sterling’s comments, North Korea, the IRS, Jaden Smith upcoming movie, porn news, teen punished for bringing purse, Kirsten Dunst, Bundy racist, GOPblackchick, watch thief, cop killed trying to vandalize, teen had gun in her snatch and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anthony Tatum

    Just a quick caveat about the pornstar who’s chase account was closed because of her deposits. If she was making large deposit that are over 10k a month it will always be flagged. Pornstars often Do outside jobs for large amounts of cash.( Stripping,trade shows,escorting etc) that they cannot or don’t want to show proof of. And since The bank doesn’t want connected with that money they won’t house it because of the federal implications. I have seen this done before and it has nothing to with the job but more the way the deposits their funds.

  2. CL Nicholson

    Hey Rod & Karen –

    Long time listener, first time commentor. Discovered you on TWIB! and have enjoyed your show as means to get through the day in the office. Also, I enjoy listening to folks who share my North Carolina roots.

    I loved the #690 show, and I totally agree with you on the ‘magical thinking’ many people have towards NBA and Don Sterling. Anyone going on Twitter telling these players breach contract in the name of some ridiculous principle needs to quit their job the next time they hear some racism at the water cooler. But….they won’t.

    However, I’ll have to disagree with you about the Cliven Bundy idiocy.I like you, am surprised about Bundy being a straight hillbilly redneck extra out ‘Mississippi Burning’. Much like today’s hip-hop and R&B, militia nuts and straight up bigots aren’t technically the same, but they like to make get shots in each other videos.

    That said, I’d argue that guys like Bundy are far more dangerous to our society as a whole than Don Sterling, because Bundy is the latest face on a very ugly political underbelly or racist, anti-government loons who seem to lose their marbles if the government attempts to do anything about helping black people or poor people. At the end of the day, Sterling is just a rich jackass having a heated, racist rant against his girlfriend. An platoon of rich old Jewish guys didn’t show up at the Staple Center.

    Bundy, on the other hand, represent an armed, angry undercurrent within American politics. When a guy’s talking point come out the Turner Diaries, its only a matter of time before someone starts talking about ‘the Negroes and the Jews’.

    And on GOPBlackChick – yeah, uh, you can’t build your career on trashing Black people and giving cover to bigots you can’t be shocked that your Twitter followers get mad that remind them that there’s a ‘Black’ in the handle. As you said, she doesn’t give a flip about Black people, just her own brand.

    Anyway, love the show, ‘Guess the Race’ is awesome and as an aside, I hope that my wife & I can get to the level of obvious love & friendship the two of you share.

    Regards –
    CL Nicholson from LA

  3. Rodimus Prime

    Dear Rod and Karen,

    I’ve been listening to your podcast
    (off and on) for the past 3 1/2 to 4 years and I really enjoy your show.
    Its truly possible that one day I could be pouring my morning coffee and
    dying laughing to your take on real life events.

    Let me give
    you some background info about me….from Dallas, TX; 35, divorced, 3
    children, currently unemployed, and a black conservative.

    I don’t want to go into much detail to why I consider myself a black
    conservative but I must admit that there isn’t much room for error

    You were dead on with the game show “fucking with
    black people” and your breakdown of the GOP black chick (if that is her
    correct title) and her shocking realization of how the conservative
    party can be contradictory and agenda driven.

    Rod and Karen I
    know you mean well that’s why your show really works. I also think the
    white conservative rancher comments were totally wrong and age is not an
    excuse for that point of view.

    Here is the point/question I
    want to make…Rod and Karen do you remember Spike Lee’s movie Malcolm X
    and towards the end a white woman approached Malcolm X and asked what can
    she do for the cause and he said nothing. Yet after returning from Mecca
    he realized that all shades (colors) of men and women were serving.

    I don’t need your acceptance on this because am black and that was
    determined when I was born (that will never change). I do wonder though
    if for a brief moment, (when GOP black chick woke up,) did you see an
    opportunity or even a teachable moment to reach out to her and bring her
    on the show. Rod and Karen is there apart of you that wants to
    understand her purpose? I truly think it’s possible to be black and
    disagree about our own culture and behavior and not cast our own out to
    sea. Even though its truly simple, the standards to being “viewed” black
    is weirdly complex.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my comment. Feel free to use this on your show in any form. Any questions just facebook me.


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