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694: OWN’s Tyler Perry Presents: The LA Clippers

Oprah Winfrey gestures during the taping of "Oprah's Surprise Spectacular" in Chicago

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Rod and Karen are joined by Dago and Nicole of the Breakfast for Dinner Podcast to discuss the name of their podcast, how they met, SXSW, dating, more Sterling fall out, the Warriors were gonna boycott, Oprah considering buying the Clippers, prisoner sues Jay-Z and Beyonce, women cheat on dudes with big penises, short sex is pretty normal, DL Hughley messes up and then apologizes, Jessica Rabbit, man kills neighbor then drives his girlfriend to the hospital to give birth, old war hero slangs weight and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    D.L. Hughley also seems to have a habit of spreading homophobia as well as misogyny towards black women. In 2010 he got called out by GLAAD for saying gay black men
    in the closet were giving HIV/AIDS to black women on The View. D.L. Hughley is the prototypical, modern day stereotype of black males. Insecure, ultra sexist, and
    homophobic. Any way let me get back to this 30 second sex!

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