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698: Ms. Mona Sinclair


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Rod and Karen discuss their repair men coming to the house, customer service, a woman who likes short sex, MSNBC messes up Cinco De Mayo, Tea Pee, Monica back, Drag queen dragged, Rick Scott and Obamacare, Septa masturbator revisited, Dr. Cobb in AZ, Captain America, Kool Aid thrower, principal sleeps around and sword ratchetness.

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  1. chefboyardu

    I can so relate to your experience of having awkward small talk with cable guys. I had Fios installed in my home a while ago by a chatty guy. The installation took about 4 hours, and I lived in a very small, one-bedroom apartment. After about two hours of me feebly trying to avoid him and do activities that don’t involve TV or the internet, I struck up a conversation with him. Biggest mistake ever. He proceeded to tell me that I needed to have children (I don’t even remember how we got onto this topic), poor people are poor because they want to be, and that things were better when there was “prayer in schools,” among other things. I vowed never to have small talk again with anyone coming into my home to do any work.
    Well, I moved in with my mother recently and we had someone over to upgrade our security system. While I stuck to my no small-talk policy, my mom kept blabbing to the saleswoman, who, at the end of the transaction, gave me her cell phone number and told me to call if I wanted to pray with her. Again, not even sure how that came up. But in both cases, these people were Black, so I think you’re right, Rod: Black service people see other Black service people and let their guard all the way down.

  2. CL Nicholson

    Okay, good lord, you two had me rolling with the trolling of Steve Wiles, aka “Miss Mona Sinclair”. My only response is, in the words of Charlamagne the God and Wendy Williams, “How You Doin’?”.
    I nearly choked on my coffee in the office laughing at this. Good grief.

  3. Dr. AbrACEive©

    Working in customer service, the small talk is a big issue with me too. I spend a good part of my day solving customer issues, and they’ll look at me as if I need to tell them what I’m doing when the only thing I’m concerned with is giving them what they need so they can go home with what they want. The other day a lady was trying to tell me about a coupon app on the iPhone while I was trying to fix her discount as if I gave a fuck about her damn app that didn’t give her the right discount code. I wanted to tell her, “If it’s such a great app, why am I here to fix the problem?”

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