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699: Goodbye Craster’s Rapeatorium


Rod and Karen are joined by Patrice to talk #DemThrones, Jet Magazine no longer doing print, Willow Smith, fans try to own Kap, Donald Sterling, The Bunny Ranch, Monica is a feminist icon in less than 24 hours back, find my iPhone, heroin show and tell, homeless church sex and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Marlena

    I loved the skit. Personally, I was more offended by the reaction from other Black women online than I was by what Leslie Jones was saying. It was a damn shame to see so many individuals choose to not only be so disrespectful to Leslie Jones as a person but also seek to silence her under the guise of being helpful and trying to educate.

    I saw some of the most patronizing and condescending tweets and think-pieces come from Black women who have made a name of themselves talking about the very things that Leslie Jones made a joke about. It’s all so very toxic and I’m done with all of the internet activist and social commentators.

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