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701: Grapefruiting Your Man


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Rod and Karen discuss the grapefruit video, Solange attacking Jay-Z, Keith Crisco, Moises Arias, McDonald’s fry seasoning, Wu-tang update, Ice cream song, Jim Coughlan, bullied kid, shoout out at b-day party, poisoned kool-aid and sword ratchetness.

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  1. david

    CHECK OUT OUR GRAPEFRUITING PARODY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5fr3yHtswY

  2. Kyle

    I don’t really believe in respectability politics and all that, yet I do find it interesting that people jumped on Leslie Jones for telling that slave joke on SnL but not Solange for acting a fool. And people really need stop acting like grown women can’t control their emotions, that shit is a form of sexism that does not help anyone.

    Anyway, here is another video of the the attack with sound and color!

  3. Donte

    For shame on anyone who put poison in anyone’s kool-aid. Did they say what flavor of kool-aid? And that grapefruit video bruh she went ham. The only way I’m getting that grapefruit thing done to me is if I’m blindfolded cause no dude will have a girl bring a grapefruit in the bedroom on gp. BTW who thinks of bringing a grapefruit in the bedroom after I get my dick sucked she has to go immediately.

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