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702: Imps Up Hoes Down


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Rod and Karen are joined by Patrice to discuss #DemThrones, Casey Kasem, Sterling talks about Magic, Solange-Gate continues, gay marriage will reduce birth rates, Stack Jack, Skype Sex, Chicken tattoo, DUI teacher and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    I love when assholes try to use pseudo science to convince people that they are not full of shit. Japan has a low birth rate because their young people have no interest in having kids. On top of that, Japan can also be very xenophobic, which doesn’t help attract immigrants. By the way, it is china that used to restrict how many kids one could have. Your point still stands as they are even more homophobic than japan though. 🙁

    On a more positive note! Kanye West and Common are helping to create more than 20,000 jobs for Chicago youth. So I guess Donald Sterling doesn’t have a point.

  2. Donte

    A lot of what Donald Sterling said reminded me of the Dr. Manning bars episode. The best part was “Big Magic Johnson what has he done” lol and he said that he should go away priceless.

  3. a.eye

    I’ve been listening to your show for about a month now, have finally finished binge watching all three+ seasons of GoT, and now no longer have to skip DemThrones episodes. I’m still trying to understand how Theon has had his yogurt slinger cut off, had Jesus holes put into his feet and hands, been beaten and dragged all over the floor, the woods, and who knows where else and what else has happened to him and he has never had a bath until this episode. How has he not died of some sort of fungus or bacteria or just having to breathe the inevitable stank of his own body?

    As I listened to this episode, I was on the subway and trying to stay cool and collected-looking as I listened to all of the stories. I tried to hold in laughs during the Casey Kasem as well as the Sterling, “He had those AIDS” clips, but I was unsuccessful and ended up busting out laughing. Too funny!!!

    Thanks for the great shows and for making me be that hysterically laughing black crazy woman on NYC public transit!

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