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706: For The Love Of Money


Rod and Karen discuss Casey Kasem is alive, Solange-gate, petition to make “Run” a real movie, Ray-J’s wedding gift, Undecimillion, Burger King slogan, Burger King customer, Carole Simpson, Mike Epps lying, Donald Sterling back in the game, College speaker calls out students, anchor rips news viewers, 12 Years a Slave outfit, ATM sex, slapping an 8 month old, starving a dog for attention and sword ratchetness.

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  1. missdani10

    Hey Rod & Karen. I’m leaving as much feedback as I can since I’m on an MCAT study break (on a mission to become Dr. Dani). Any way: That trailer was everything!! I agree with Rod in being glad this is never going to be a real movie. Beyoncé has proven her acting uhh “skills” many-a-time and hmmm…. yeah. Besides it was a nice promotion for the concert and I’m sure they’ll use different scenes throughout the tour. I was so elated to see “Huck” in the trailer! I don’t know if he’ll play any role to change his name from Huck in my mind lol! Side note: can’t wait for Scandal to come back!!

    Now about Solange… she has been fresh out of fucks to give for a while now. Mama does not mind letting people know when she’s fed up. I remember seeing an interview when she snapped on the reporter for putting her name in some of Beyoncé and Jay’s personal business. That fight didn’t Surprise me, but the release of it did. I know some “Olivia Pope unleashed the Incredible HUCK on you” type thing went down on the person who sold the video to TMZ….dah well! Okay gonna leave a few more comments and then back to the books! Love y’all family!

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