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BDS 54: Control Your Bitch


Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss the NBA play-offs, TI vs. Floyd Mayweather, Ray Rice press conference, Odell, Lebron, McIlroy breaking up over the phone, Paul George sued, Mike Pouncey refuses to see shrink, Manziel, Ravens, Daryl Washington, the Redskins, Goodell responds to NFLPA, Phil Jackson to Melo, Tiger Woods, Jalen Rose and Reggie, Shelly Sterling, Calvin Johnson and this week in Mamba.

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  1. Adrian Jackson

    Great episode y’all, Karen killed me when she saw Tiny’s pic and said “This is who the fight is about?” Rod you had some good points about T.I. throwing that punch, but Justin forgot to bring up a very important fact about T.I. being lightskin. He would’ve been looking real bad if Mayweather actually threw a punch back and connected. Lastly, Ray Rice ain’t shit. Dude talks about “getting up off the ground” like he wasn’t the one who put his girl down there in the first place. Great show, glad you had some days off.

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