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BDS 59: McCants Gets His Revenge


Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss NBA free agency, Melo, D Rose, Hawks trade, Gortat, Jimmy Graham, Desean is a fake G, Manziel, Patrick Patterson, Suarez, BandsForBron, Kolb boating DUI, McCants gets his revenge, Brazil, Sam Montgomery arrested, Zach Randolph re-signed, Mike Vick, Randy Moss, Pau, Brazil fan, Hank Baskett, Talib family and Hey Mamba.


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  1. nell210s

    Hey Balls Deep Crew

    A listener sent an email asking what will be the decision for the summer since the dog days of baseball are in. I’m sure you guys could talk baseball and be entertaining but I pray you guys don’t. Baseball has never interest me. Speaking of baseball I have a question. Do you consider baseball a real sport? I believe it is what I consider a skill sport, not a sport that use a lot of athleticism. My friend and I had this discussion and I wanted to know your opinion.

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