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735: Thank You White Man


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Rod and Karen are joined by Mike and Brandon of The Comedy Outliers Podcast to discuss Joan Rivers, Katt Williams, Anthony Cumia, Hi-Five, Tyler Perry, Robert Ford, Fast Food, thanking the white man, holiday drink, wedding balls, Srahan stabber, meth birthday present and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Crad1cus

    Any old white guy who pronounces their skin color as “whaaite” gets 25 fucking with black people points automatically, no matter what else they say.

  2. Ed

    Hey Rod! Thanks for the Cumia breakdown what at troll. Him and his crew are the same dudes calling out folks to man up and quite being soft? Well its your time sir, oh wait Ant claims its everbody’s fualt but his. Classic. I don’t know if you heard this but the “Race War”s podcast put up their defense of Cumia: talk about “fuckin with black people”. whoa!

  3. aguycalledjeff

    I’m actually interning at C-SPAN this summer and I gotta listen to comments like this on a weekly basis….so, yeah dawg, I stay fucked with and for that, #thankyouwhiteman

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