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736: Toilet Snake


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Rod and Karen discuss Justice For Ant, Solange-gate update, American Apparel mistake, Prince serves Lil Mo, Hillary Clinton charity, Hot car dad was sexting, toliet snake, Pope Francis apologizes to sex victims, Dick Clark was a dick, Katy Perry accused of stealing a song, Mario Bros remix battle, Bob Costas, Fake trucker exams, tent thieves, crying thief, man denied food and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    I think that the worst thing about the Dick Clark story is that he was probably right. If he would have had openly gay people or interracial dancing that shit would have been shut down. The fact that he made those decisions shows what kind of person he really was and he should be judged accordingly. I just wish that this story would have came out when he was still alive. I would have liked to see him answer for this shit and explain himself.

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