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Rod and Karen discuss hot n now signs for chicken, forced erection tactic, Stephen Spielberg, Beyonce’ changes lyrics, Yahoo sexual harassment, 5 hour energy, Detroit water, anime conference pick up artist, Jade pose, BJU rape, revenge rape, white gays, monkey shirt, naked man in house, woman, parents left kid in car as punishment, woman pedo and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    I would like to see some body do an investigative report on guys like Eddie long and Young Blood like they did BJU. Just think about how some black communities sink thousands to millions of dollars into these mega churches. I feel sorry for religious people who really try to help folks.

  2. doctorabraceive

    That BJU segment was a Fuckin Wit Tony piece because little gets under my skin then people hiding dirt baggery behind religion. So a sex offender is operating under a calling because his punishment will be delivered by God. Like Karen said, “Fuck him!”

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