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Rod and Karen discuss Dumb Coco and her misery, Obama so cool, Chicago black people who hate Obama, hunting girls, pregnant drug addict jailed, female Bishops, N Korea, Archie gets killed, KKK police, public jerkers, gay girl disowned, Chipotle sex, python in engine and sword ratchetness.

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  1. AJtheEngineer

    First off I 100% agree with Cappadonna’s post up above. I get very upset that the MSNBCs and CNNs of the world still allow people to make dumb arguments about what the President should be doing when it is obvious they’ve forgotten about checks and balances let alone any civics class from high school. Why should I pause my day and listen to your argument when I already know the foundation you base it on is incorrect?

    My second point, Rod I have to give you props on a controlled bust down of Coco. I haven’t yet hit that level of zen and am happy I didn’t see the original tweet, cause I would’ve made the whole TBGWT community look bad. Coco’s tweet flashed me back to high school when I got picked on for talking “white”. As I grew up and better understood my environments I let “aint” and “yall” come into my vocabulary. Now I find myself in a world where I can still get shit on for talking “white” but also get picked on for “slave talk”…..and these are criticisms from/by black folk. People like Coco have to understand that their “criticisms” don’t help anybody and actually take time away that could be used doing some self-reflection. So fuck Coco and that dude who left a voicemail wanting less Karen rants. From now on I’m a KRA member (Karen’s Rights Advocate).

    Great show as always, go premium folks you won’t regret it.

  2. Cappadonna

    TWBT Gang –

    First, business. I make monthly donations, but I realize that my 20/per is actually more than than your subscription. How can make the switch, if I need to make that switch at all?

    Rod, you have officially earned new levels of respect for going full hardcore “Hulk Smash Puny Twitter Troll” over a woman insulting your wife. Not only do we know, no more than ever, Karen is your heart – and Karen is the reasonable one.

    Now, on to business. Sorry for the Long Wolfgang-esque Post, but I had to get this off my chest.

    As for the Negroes in Chi-Town kvetching about Obama not personally flying into the South Side and stopping bullets with his power ring of Oa….sigh. Pardon my language, but Nigga I could write a god damn book on why I can’t this myopic bullshit.

    My problem isn’t that these folks are angry – its that, like the two of you said, people pretend that our issues and problems have been here for 40 fucking years, when Obama is some skinny 6th grader reading Conan comics and dreaming of being an NBA point guard. Why isn’t Rahm Emmanuel, the City council or the Illinois Governor getting policed & called to task for the South Side?

    Sorry again for the long ass post, but this is an issue I have with a lot of Black people and the Left in general. Every other day, some Social Justice warrior on Twitter, some decrepit curmudgeon who was in the struggle in the hey day of Bell bottoms or in another case of Bill Maher – some white guy who’s ain’t smart as they think they are, believe they can send the President to bed without dinner because he didn’t finish his homework.

    For those of us who seemingly flunked basic high school civics or missed “School House Rock” – let me make this clear Barack H. Obama is the President of the United States, not Fucking Odin the All Father!! He can’t magically pass laws and make decrees because he’s co-equal with the Congress (who ain’t doing anything) and the Supreme Court (made up of Conservative Judges who frankly don’t give a damn what Obama does). Also, Obama can’t make decrees at the State level – its that whole 10th amendment thing.

    If you’re looking a brown socialist with magical powers who can fix your problems – take your ass to church, because you’re looking for Jesus.

    Ah, well, I got that off my chest. Anyway good show guys, as always.

    *** PS, I used “ain’t” and often make grammatical errors because, like many a programmer, I can type faster than I can proofread. I also used profanity, the N-word and references to comic books. My stars, I do sound like an immature man-child, black savage. Should I concern myself with Coco attacking my twitter feed?

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