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BDS 61: Unconditional Kevin Love


Rod and Justin are joined  by B. Cole to discuss the Kevin Love potential trade, NBA free agency, Lance Armstrong, Orlando Predators, Titus Young, Redskins, Floyd, Jeter, Erin Andrews, Pam Oliver, Sterling, KD, Aaron Hernandez, Dwight, golf, Redskins, Shabazz, Swaggy P and this week in Mamba.

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  1. mrjones87

    Wassup rod and j trill love bds I usually don’t comment but I am Confused about this Kevin love wiggins trade correct me if I’m wrong is love not a free agent next season so why the fuck would dismantle young talented core players for a guy who would in all likely hood sign with you the following year. Love is a stat sheet stuffer I love his game and agree he would be great fit on offensive side of ball but wiggins has tremendous potential he can guard pos 1-3 and his weakness (ball handling and jumpshooting) are to of the most fixable things in basketball with practice amd repetition. Cleveland needs to really think about this b4 they give up these players as good as Kevin love is he has problems staying healthy and I feel like he has possibility of being to lebron james what Dwyane wade was to him in Miami a good player who rely heavy on Bron to do everything. I think with the team cleveland has now they are in great position to win east and in following year add love and win a couple chips.. sorry for the length of this but this shit has been bothering me for a minute. Keep up this awesome show o and FUCK shabbaz Napier O light skin ass (no offense justin) petty nigga .

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