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748: Life Is A Bill


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Rod and Karen discuss car accidents, bills, why a woman won’t march for Eric Garner, DNA Dating, HIV Cure, Ricin lady gets 18 years, Newark PD violate laws, Nathan Lane on straight actors playing gay, Feed A Child, Vine Racism, 98 year old left in car, old man shoots daughter, sex on the beach and sword ratchetness.

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  1. vcthree

    Let me see if I understand this correctly: so because Foster and other women got trolled on Twitter over street harassment–which is fucked up in its own right–Foster isn’t going to march for Eric Garner? This seems illogical. But then, many of these “thinkpieces” are based in faulty logic and projection, and not rational judgment or thought. Hence, the misnomer “thinkpiece”.

    Essentially, she took this man’s tragedy and made it about herself, which is rather fucked up in it’s own right. It does not follow that because you got trolled on Twitter, you all of a sudden have to declare you’re not going to march for Garner, because to do so would be zero-sum to your issue.

    Who’s that action targeted to, Black men as a whole? The majority of us aren’t going to be affected by that choice. And it’s not going to stop the trolling, the “mansplaining”, or any of the other nonsense that these clowns on Twitter do. Foster is saying, basically, that because of less than 1% of (Black) Twitter, she will not support any effort to seek justice for wrongdoing in the Garner case. Does that sound fucked up to anybody else?

    Final point: nobody’s going to change their mind on street harassment because Foster dared not to march over Eric Garner, and she’s not going to build an inter-sectional movement by placing conditions on people and their support of her causes. Activism should not be quid pro quo. My thinking is, if you’re any sort of activist that wants to advocate for causes; you must first get over yourself, check your ego at that door, and stop trying to put yourself over and in front of the cause.

    Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. Not so you can get a selfie on the set of the Melissa Harris-Perry show, if you do.

  2. TAYREL713

    Look y’all, I got kids, but if I see an attractive couple getting it in on the beach, im watching. I just tell my kids to go play.

  3. Kyle

    I wish people would attack corruption in law enforcement with the same vigor as they do our foreign policy and the NSA. I mean, when was the last national conversation on corruption in our police departments? I imagine that if we did some sort of investigation like we did with sexual assault in the military, a whole bunch of stuff would come up.

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