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753: Stop The Violence


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Rod and Karen discuss violence among black relationships, Geraldo on marriage, Arya on book readers, Keith Urban, Dollar Tree, Katy Perry, Lockport police, Bill O’reilly, leaving 4 kids in hot car, mom, DWI and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    I just wanted to say that the women on fox news probably talk the most shit about Geraldo after that segment. I mean, four divorces! Honestly, I don’t think half of the people on fox news even believe in what they are saying. Some of them can’t even keep the smirk of their face, but they still manage to convince the folks watching at home.

  2. PrinceLeron

    People are doing whatever it takes to side step this issue. I actually thought that this occurrence would lead to a conversation of what needs to be done about domestic violence. But that didn’t happen at all. Whoppi’s comments got to me the most. She didn’t say anything special, she was just trying to draw attention away from the fact that domestic violence effects woman overwhelmingly more than it effects men. But she felt the need to talk about the small percentage of cases where a woman might have swung first. It reminds me of when a white person get caught saying of doing something racist and other white people are quick to say that black people can be racist too.

  3. Cappadonna

    Just a note on your first Guess the Race – it was far too easy. Everyone from the CT knows that only Patio Orangutans & those with a genetic predisposition for lawn mowers would leave their kid to go from Hartford to New Haven for a night. That’s not a day trip – that’s ghetto teleportation.

    But enough of the hometown shade (Elm City for Life) – I had to respond to your continued response to Steven A Smith’s Ninja What?! comments about Ray Rice beating his wife on a surveillance camera.

    I can’t even crack jokes about this – all I can say is thanks for speaking out and using our platform to speak out against domestic violence. As someone who has many women in his own family beaten by their partners and one cousin murdered by her husband, I don’t have tolerance for men who excuse beating women or trying to justify abusing your life partner. Again thanks for being a voice against violence.

  4. B. Omar Hester

    This episode in a nutshell sums up why I fuck wit y’all. Rod and Karen preaching the gospel. It’s real easy, keep your mother fucking hands to yourself and don’t fuck with people who can be “provoked”. Soon as I figure out I’m around somebody that can be “provoked” I leave that nigga alone. Male, female, Transgender, it doesn’t matter. Violence is violence and never the right response. Thank you all for standing up for what is right. You all rock!

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