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757: New Blood


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Rod and Karen are joined by Andrew of Film Geek Radio and Justin to discuss True Blood, Flawless remix, Fox withdraws bid on Time Warner, Hollywood diversity, Woody Allen, Baltimore curfew, Game of Thrones baby, teacher has nudes exposed, Good Samaritans hit, boyfriend misses curfew, mom sets fire to husband and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    I find the success of Guardians of the Galaxy more impressive than the other Marvel adaptions. Because not only is the series not as popular as the other properties, but it isn’t even a superhero book. So the movie couldn’t relay on nostalgia like say X-men or transformers. I might go see it on my birthday even though it may have been spoiled for me. Usually I can avoid spoilers, but everybody was so excited that they turned into Bryan Singer.

    As for film criticism, people need to understand that personal preference toward certain subject matter can shape the way one sees a film. Critics have a habit of looking down of certain genres, but a good movie is a good movie. Block busters can have good writing and an awesome soundtrack, while Oscar bait can be poorly shot and have bad casting.

  2. Cappadonna

    Hey Rod & Karen –

    Great show as always, but you have brought evil into home TBWT. EVIL I SAY!! I actually DVR’d and watched “True Blood” so I could fully enjoy the self imposed torture porn that is #DatBlood. You ruined me, Rod & Karen, you ruined me.

    By the way, I don’t considered Lettie Mae Daniels a full true blood character until she’s her first awkward, gratuitous, softcore porno scene. Despite her lip acting talents, she hasn’t made to full ‘Fang Banger’ status. Until a middle woman is bareback and uncomfortably dry humping on an episode of “True Blood” she’s not really part of the cast, just a recurring character in a story line.

    Rod, I’m with you man – The Queen Bee has lost her Crown – and spent a few too many dollars bedazzling her stinger. (Ugh, Why does Lil Kim look like cabbage patch kid?!)

    Is it me, or did Lil’ Kim sound like she stocks Night Train, Super Poli-Grip & a pack of Kools in her medicine cabinet on that diss track? I know she’s a few years older than me – but damn!! That track was like listening to the grandma from “Nutty Professor”.

    She wasn’t having rap battle with Nicki Minaj – she was telling that young hussy to get off her lawn and “Show some Goddamn respect to your elders. Now go to the corner store and get my numbers, you fast tail girl.”

    Regards –
    A Lone Black Woody Allen Fan in So Cal

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