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758: Hard Crack Life


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Rod and Karen are joined by Amber P from the Black Sexy Geeky And Mental Podcast to discuss Amber’s fundraising campaign, owning pets, a woman tries to come for Beyonce, Israel vs. Palestine, Wood Allen, pie bandit, Rob Ford gets a musical, Kanye West, Gou Meimei, Exodus casting, Quest Love, NYPD, cops acting up, Husband filet, teacher with no pants, killer with 2 wives and sword ratchetness.

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  1. LeslieMac

    I am so not here for Iggy – for 2 main reasons. 1) She’s not that good – the only reason anyone is talking about her is BECAUSE she is a good looking white woman (period). Fancy is literally Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” with a slightly better beat & endorsed by TI (which is a whole other issue).

    2) Starting her 1st verse on Fancy with “1st things 1st I’m the realist” – come one girl. Let me list just a few ways you are NOT “the realist”: You are from Australia… You do not have a blackcent, it’s fake… Your real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly (really Amethyst Amelia?!)… Her father is an comic artist (who raised her) & she grew up surrounded by 12 acres of land. Nothing about that is “the realist”.

    Bottom line IMHO – Anyone can rap & follow their dreams to be a rapper – no shade there. But when you step out in these streets calling yourself “the realist” expect the actual realness to come for your ass. She could have said “First things first, I’m the trillest” and we could have all moved right along – but NO she had to be extra & employ her well cultivated pretty white girl privilege “realness”. And so she can have several “real” seats”

  2. Freezer

    I now realize that Amber P. is pretty much what would result if Jess Wood and Feminista Jones could have a kid.

  3. soundztastee

    Hey Karen and Rod. I wanted to comment on two things from this show-first, regarding the Burger King pie guy, you left out the part of the story where the woman’s kid was throwing a tantrum the entire time he was in line screaming I want a pie. The guy then told the woman to take care of her kid and she said he should mind his business. She then went on to tell her son of course he could have a pie for lunch because she loved him and he could have what ever he wanted. The kid continued to be a little brat and scream. (Side note this little kid also needs some training https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiXtPS80cnU)

    Second, regarding Iggy. I must say I had mixed feelings about her since I first came across her this spring. She performed on The Today show on Friday and well I guess I still have mixed feelings. She’s doing her thing and clearly making money from her persona and music. As an entertainer is there something wrong with that-or is there something wrong with the public for buying her music and turning up to her concerts? And I don’t feel like I could see her “rapping” any other way. I think I DO have more problems with her image. That’s where I think she truly is trying to emulate (word choice?) black rap culture. I mean look at that Today Show performance, her butt is larger than all the black girls around her and she can barely move around…is it really hers? Or was that padded? Ahh I don’t just don’t know.

    Thanks for reading 🙂

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