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TBGWT Book Club: You Got Me Fxcked Up


We promote independent media here at TBGWT and what better way to show our support for independent authors than reading their books? This is why we started the TBGWT Book Club. For our second book we have selected Anique’s You Got Me Fxcked Up”. You can find the synopsis below:

“Meet Kasey and Jayden who seem to have the perfect marriage but behind closed doors that’s far from the case. Jayden being the hottest radio personality in Atlanta is also being exposed to beautiful women. This time it seems that he has missed with the wrong one, Quiana.
She’s hell bent on making Jayden hers by any means necessary. Will Kasey and Jayden’s love be able to stand this test or will they be over for good?”

We anticipate another fast paced fun read in “You Got Me Fxcked Up” and we hope you all have a good time reading along with us.

It can be found at Amazon and it’s only 0.99 for Kindle there is no paperback option on this one. It’s a short read clocking in at just 103 pages. Someone has already reported that it took them 80 minutes to read from cover to cover. The deadline to finish reading “You Got Me Fxcked Up” is September 10th. That gives us all a month to finish reading this book.

You can use this post to leave comments related to the book and reading it. I’m sure it will create a lot of discussion.

We’ll discuss it on the podcast around then so if you have questions or comments make sure you pay attention to the show schedule around that time. This won’t be a premium episode just a regular show in your normal feed. See you inSeptember.


  1. Butterbean

    I guess they’re not going to go through this book on the show. 🙁

  2. scriberesq

    This was a quick read and definitely ratchet. Can’t wait for the recap episode. Happy belated birthday, Kamari!

  3. AJtheEngineer

    I nominate Jayden for the Stephen A Smith Provocation Award. I live in Atlanta and it sometimes feels like the “side piece” is the thing to have. I wish I knew what goes through a dude’s head like Jayden: “ima cheat on her, smack her up when she gets mad about it, but it’s cool she’ll take me back. Let me keep on reading…

  4. Hustle_Crowe

    I finished the book. All I have to say is ratchet. I can’t give way the ending tho. It reads like R. Kelly song.

  5. Hustle_Crowe

    It takes me 30 – 40 minutes to get to work on the Metro in the morning. I just knocked out 7 chapters. Probably do 7 more on my way home. Needless to say, it’s ratchet to the highest levels. Can’t wait for the book club show.

  6. Missaydee

    Is it just me or does it seem like absolutely NO editing was done with this book. I’m still enjoying of course because it’s ratchet as hell but these inconsistencies are killing me, smh.

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