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LeTasha Brown stands with her arms around Anthony Dixon Jr. during an NAACP march and rally to the front of the Sanford Police Department in Florida

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Rod and Karen discuss a police officer killing another young black man, Sara Stokes DV, married couple finds out they’re brother and sister, Black Jesus boycott, Kim K book, Beyonce pic, Drones to bomb ISIS, Man gets knocked out confronting street harassers, praying discount discontinued, black face South Africans, GOP troll, black kids seen as adults, cops call on son for watching porn, church won’t bury gay man, donut eating contest winner, massage parlor busted and sword ratchetness.

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  1. HC

    A few points:
    What’s apparent yet again is the different worlds white America and black America experience. One of the funniest yet saddest revelations of this to me happened a few years back. My criminal law professor was discussing the range between police having a conversation with you and a full blown detention/arrest. He asked the class, a racially mixed group, “how many of you know that if a policeman starts questioning you during a consensual encounter, you can just turn around and walk away?” Instantly, we black students broke out laughing at the very idea of a “consensual encounter” with the police, much less daring to turn your back on the cops and walk away merely because you had the “right” to. Meanwhile, the white kids were glancing around puzzled like “of course you can walk away!” It was like a Chappelle skit.

    Not only is it a difference in how we view police encounters, but how we view each other. Black people routinely share in issues or events that affect white Americans (any of the mass shootings, or the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, for example). We automatically regard them as fellow citizens, and what happens to them could conceivably happen to any of us. But there’s a segment of white America that views things like Ferguson as “black issues,” or worse, don’t see victims like trayvon or mike brown as fellow citizens or even human. I bet if those same Ferguson police were dressed military style, but instead of trying to ban peaceful protests they were going door to door and rounding up people’s guns, it would be ALL OVER Fox News.

    You hear the police defenders rush in and say, “well not all cops are bad.” The irony in telling black people that they shouldn’t profile policemen just because of the uniform they wear doesn’t seem to register. And when hearing people say we should understand the position the police are in while totally disregarding that racial profiling by those police can create encounters that cause civil rights violations or even death, it’s obvious they’re willfully disregarding our humanity and the rights it supposedly grants.

    And since we’re something less than human, many people will believe the police report or the cop’s word without a second thought while being immediately skeptical of a black guy’s side. I mean, beyond every black person having a police encounter story, I KNOW almost everyone, even non blacks, has a story where the police pulled them over for a disputed speeding ticket or something. How the police can be questioned in something small like that yet get unquestioned benefit of the doubt in something much more serious is baffling.

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