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761: Rhythm And Battery


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Rod and Karen Rod and Karen discuss the passing of Robin Williams, more information in the Mike Brown killing, KimYe tried it, Jagged Edge is back, LGBT people less likely to be religious, Michael J Hudson, Swastika on a bun, NYPD broken windows law, Renisha McBride, TX mom locked 6 year old out of apartment, TSA pedo, 300 lbs of weed, slave owner in 2014 and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    The craziest thing about this Ferguson situation is that people all over the world are literally watching whats going on through social media and alternative news outlets. And just think, we were just talking shit about Russia and their treatment of gay people. Honestly, this should probably be pretty embarrassing for this country with all the shit we talk. I mean, foreign news outlets are even taking an interest in this story.

    I am worried that some white liberals are going to shift the discussion from racism to Foreign policy and the militarization of the police. Not to say that those aren’t important issues, but I argue that racism plays a part in both of those problems. If we can’t get white people to stop being scared of brown people who live in the same country as them then,how are you going to convince people that our foreign policy is fucked up?

    And lastly, while people the police are busy being scared of black people a white guy did this http://tinyurl.com/nxzrdh8.

  2. lrjoiner

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