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762: Lip Acting Magnum Opus


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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss Dat Blood, Anon threat, Obama statement, Barney’s settlement, Ebola plague, Robin Williams, Polanski, Christy Mack, Cumia back, Jay walking prof, cheer leader reality show pedo, shop lifting bad dad, wedding on fire, purse theft and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    On the one hand, I can understand that people are really emotional right now, but the infighting is really getting out of hand. There is nothing wrong with grieving on social media, but at some point people need to realize that this situation is bigger than them. Most of these people wouldn’t go to work and go on a rant which could alienate everyone else. So what makes them think Obama could do the same?

    Also, can I just remind everyone that the internet is not their personal diary? You can’t control how other people grieve nor can you just say whatever you want without any consequences. Most of these people would be way nicer to each other and maybe even become friends if they were to meet offline. Honestly, people just need to understand the value of solitude. Its okay to log off and just chill by yourself while you sort out your thoughts. Some of y’all really need to go back to keeping a private journal.

  2. PrinceLeron

    I think Rod must have discussed the Christy Mack story before everyone had time to warm up. This story is uniting the most disgusting people on earth. There are three groups that have made me the most sick.

    Firstly, you have the group that have disdain for sex workers and thinks that she deserved the beating. This group contain a large amount of women who think that porn stars should expect to be beaten because no man will ever respect a whore. And that the police have more important things to do than protect a woman that chose this lifestyle.

    Then you have the classic victim blaming group. Their logic is that men are only at fault for the first beating. After that it is the women’s fault for staying. Then they discuss all of the scenarios of how she could have stopped the MMA fighter from beating her ass.

    Lastly, you have the worst of them all, the nice guys. These niggas are the most unbearable people on earth. They claim that women deserve to be beaten because they actively pursue bad boys. If she would have been with a nice guy she wouldn’t have to worry about this. Because nice guys with normal jobs don’t beat women.

    Nina Hartley(not a fake) was in the chat and people started attacking her marriage. People were saying that her marriage is not real that her husband will wise up soon and leave her. This made me think about the Sara Jay Medium Talk. She stated that sex workers are treated as if they don’t deserve respect. People really do think that way.

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