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Sliding back up in your email like Undercover Brother. As usual we are always hard as work for you guys. We’ve done a ton of guest sports in the last few weeks and here is an opportunity to get up on those babies. Just remember you can find all of these in iTunes and Stitcher by searching the name of the podcast we were on.

Rod and Karen were on the Guardians of the Galaxy review for Movie Trailer Reviews

Rod and Karen were on “The Shiznit Show” 29 “The Black Guy Who Tips”

Rod was on Cinema Fix defending the Guardians Of The Galaxy from Andrew’s crazy opinions

Rod was on his own episode of “What’s The Tea?” with Nic and Reggie

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And not to be outdone Karen immediately hit up Nic and Reggie to be on “What’s The Tea?” as well

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Karen was on the Spann Report with Mr. Spann discussing Stephen A Smith’s comments and domestic violence

Rod was on Movie Trailer Reviews to discuss the latest episode of The Strain with Kriss

Karen was on Whiskey Wine and Moonshine

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