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781: Scooby Jewby Jew!


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Rod and Karen discuss getting beard harassed, Thai Massage, The Flamin’ Craw-fish, bag man, AD, Goldfish, North Korea, gummy penis, Joan Rivers funeral, Robin Thicke stealing, Urban Outfitters, Rush Limbaugh, Chris Heben, Django actress mistaken for hoe, blowjob Jesus, burned boy, brain eater and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    When I opened my itunes this morning, I stared at this title for a good five minutes. I thought what could possible have occurred to for this phrase to be invented. It was pretty good.

  2. Butterbean

    We are going to have to disagree about the incident with the actress that got caught boning her man in public in broad daylight. This is far from a Fruitvale Station situation. I heard the tape and I’ve seen the photos which had them doing some Ringling Bros-type “making out.” Even I would have called the cops on them! Although the officer didn’t have to get snarky with her ridiculous racial profiling accusation, I found nothing else wrong with how he handled her. And her dramatics was so embarrassing that even her father on the phone sounded like he is used to her throwing a fit and didn’t have time for her. Also, the boyfriend didn’t behave as if the cop was harassing them. He behaved as someone who knew that he did something wrong. She lost her temper first. The officer tried to calm her down and then she went nuts. She could have said all those things calmly and they probably would have gone home and finished their freaky business a lot sooner. Come on man…. there are victims and then there are manipulators. This is only a sad example of someone manipulating their way out of getting arrested and nothing more.

    • rodimusprime

      Way to use the magic of 24 hours hindsight to get the upperhand. Don’t worry we discussed the newest information today when we got it. LOL

      • Butterbean

        Whoops! Sorry to jump the gun there. I just now caught your next show.

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