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2902: Momma on the Beat, Hoe!

Rod and Karen are joined by Rod’s mom to celebrate Mother’s Day by enjoying all the Kendrick / Drake memes, they also discuss Anita Baker canceling concerts, a teacher’s controversial hair take-down video, man hits officer with cheeseburger, man strikes deal in salami attack arrest, man pull guns on Burger King worker after trying to buy food with meth and sword ratchetness.

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  1. NateYourBoy

    Hi Rod and Karen and shout out to Moms,

    When you started the Bonus Guess the Race about Black Eugene, and they said he was looking at 400 years, I thought this had to be some kind of joke. However after following the epic journey on October 17th 2022 I was WRONG!!! From trying to buy Burger King with Meth to finally ending with him being arrested after a shoot out with the cops and saying, ‘he wasn’t physically hurt, but his feelings were hurt.’ I think someone forgot to carry the 1, cause Black Eugene was looking at AT LEAST 647 years according to my calculations HAHAHAHHAHAHA. I’m pretty sure he hollowed out that Bible he was carrying and kept the pistol in there. Shout out to the journalist that was able to piece together his wild night. That was some Bernard Shaw level combat reporting if I ever heard it (Almost as good as the reporting for the guess the race with the white woman on the plane that insulted the cops dick sizes and peed on herself when she got arrested several months ago).

    Sidenote: Karen, though he had Black Man hair in the 80’s let us not forget Eugene Levy is a white Eugene.

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey ya’ll,

    My name isn’t important. I am a long time listener first time writer. I am a Kansas resident (I accept all condolences, thanks) and I think the main dude talked about in the article about the Jackie Robinson statue is Hispanic. His name is Ricky Alderete. Knowing what I know about Wichita they were probably going to sell the scrap metal for money for meth. We’re not playing guess the race but…that was my deduction based on the activity and last name. I could also be wrong and he could just be racist. Even though they were absolutely wrong for stealing the statue the picture of just the feet of the statue made me laugh.

    You don’t have to read this part on the show if you don’t want but you’re more than welcome to. I started listening to you in 2011 and took a break several years ago because I was emotionally scarred. I introduced my ex to yalls show and this NIGGA was out here in sex chat rooms using yalls name as his screen name! “The Black Guy Who Tips”. I couldn’t buhleee what I was seeing. Anyway, happy to be back and a little sad I let a non mothafucking factor take me away from ya’ll. Ya’ll are pioneers and I hope your success continues to blossom

  3. Dj

    Loved the episode it’s always a good time when Mama Tips is on Happy belated Mother’s day!

    Reading some of the comments brought back memories of a teacher in grade school. I kinda get what educate2freeus is saying about relating differently than what the model tells us, because my teachers in that school (all black only 1 white) did treat us as a community. Some invited us (parents always included) to their homes for a cookout, my 3rd grade teacher to his wedding & we attended most of their funerals when they passed. They were never inappropriate or called us friends even then that professional boundary was still there none of our teachers touched or as much as looked at us inappropriately most were older ( think the youngest was 30s) they actually were allowed to spank us you couldn’t even attend if your parent didn’t sign off on that one so place that where you will. Learning wise I actually did better in this school than all the others including the Catholic highschool (all white 1 black).
    Also had a 6th grade teacher assistant invite me & 2 others over to her home to bake bread from scratch. Again she was always professional no sense of weirdness, touching or a line crossed you still had that “teacher position” wall up persay. We had a blast & went home. If it adds anything she immigrated from Equadore & also had that sense of “I’m strict, I’m the adult in this class you are the student, we not friends, but I’m part of your community I’m here for you when you need me”.

    Over all don’t think the guy should’ve had the students touching him because the overall optics is bad first off.
    Secondly highly inappropriate to be calling them “best friends”, just nope, and giving them personal numbers to just casually chat on whims NOOOO no sirree, he can’t move me with tears on that. I’ll say as an aside if a student had a bad situation at home & has a teacher they’ve been talking to about it & takes their number in case ish hits the fan & they’re only calling in that one emergency to get out because they’re scared to call the police on their parent/s themselves (I was) & have no other family to call I’d say okay for that. Rather the kid has 1 adult they can call for help.
    Also don’t agree with him on recording & posting making them content, then recording the crying & reading the texts for additional content that’s the “fireable” part to me. You can be a “cool” teacher without all the mess he doing. Miss Frizzle was a “cool” teacher no hair touching or texting her personal phone required.

  4. PSDiva95

    Old teacher here. I teach in the fine arts dept. at middle and high school levels. I’ve got various reactions to this situation with the male teacher.
    1. When I started teaching, we were told that we were not allowed to teach our students privately because we could not make money off of them. However, these TikTok teachers are monetizing their students. (-)
    2. There are some amazing educators that use TikTok to demonstrate standards in new ways, to act out skits about school using adults, to encourage other educators. (+)
    3. Some, like this guy, show everything. What’s understood in your classroom or school, will very likely not be understood by the whole world. Much like Jurassic Park, they don’t stop to think if they should post, they just post for content. They lack the wisdom to know what to share.(-)
    4. I’ve had some kids that I grew close to, the kids and the families. I’ve had those kids help me take my braids out before my appointment because I really suck at it. This happened at lunch or after school. Did not record it. Definitely didn’t post it. Still have bonds with those young adults to this day some 15-20 years later. (+)
    5. This outrage from some has me questioning the role of gender in this situation. My male principal had a male student come out of class to cut his hair. Posted it on social. No problems. No outrage. (/)
    6. I know of a teacher that has a huge following. Everything is good until it ain’t. Videos posted while wearing the school ID, district ID, school shirts, the whole 9. Questionable content and questionable situations. Recorded during the school day instead of teaching. Tells kids that, “Y’all go do something, I’ve gotta put up some content.” Never checked the FERPA list to see if children are listed on the do not post list for their pics and name. No problems. Until very recently. Now everything is being reviewed with that fine tooth comb. Tuh (-)
    7. The teachers who are well-seasoned are considered to be old fashioned and out of touch. Yeah, until your tail gets escorted off campus by the police. I wanted to share the view from inside the school. Love y’all!

  5. Tommydeee

    Npr was advertising a story they were about to premiere about Texas oil lines and distribution. What do you think was the background music for the ad?

    Not like us

    Even National Public Radio is throwing it out there

    • Dj

      As Karen would say “oohhh noooooo!!!” lol

  6. EvieE

    Love it when Mama Tips is on the show. She’s so funny.

    This Kendrick vs Aubrey beef is on the scale that I’ve never seen before. Even the most known rap beefs like Nas vs Jay-Z have pretty much stayed contained to hip hop fans. I’d go as far to say that even the Biggie Tupac beef spill over to the main stream until they were both killed. But this has crossed musical genres, multiple media outlets even in other countries and I just know Aubrey’s stomach hurts. He’s the laughing stock of the entire world right now. My friend who just got back from Italy said they were blasting BBL Drizzy over there. And you know what? I’m here for every single joke. Run them up because I’m a messy and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

    The fact that the teacher can’t see why those girls doing his hair in the classroom is inappropriate is probably why he shouldn’t be a teacher. The power dynamics alone makes this kind of weird. He’s at work. It’s the ones who label themselves as the cool teacher is the ones you have to look out for.

  7. brooklynshoebabe

    I enjoyed this show so much. I had to watch on YouTube just to see your Mom get her life to Not Like Us. Respectfully, Mrs. Morrow looks stunning. Flawless skin, lipstick popping, glasses fashionable AF. Giving me motivation to keep exercising and staying hydrated so I can look like her when I’m super grown. 🙂

    Kendrick v Drake is the beef is the gift that keeps on giving.

    I’m a public librarian, and I worked strictly with children and teens for 19 years until I was promoted to manager. With some kids, you develop a deeper bond, almost a parent-child relationship. Regardless of gender, middle schoolers don’t get as much maternal/paternal physical affection as they did when they were younger and I think helping the teacher with their hair was akin to helping a Dad shave or a mom take out her hair pins. It’s intimate but not sexual, if that makes sense. Some kids will offer to help you with out asking. I never asked my library kids to do anything for me beyond what could be deemed as appropriate. I think the problem with this teacher is that he turned it into content. Also, as a side note, my kiddo has her own father figure at high school and she and her friends spend after school time in his classroom because they like his company. He gives them fatherly wisdom. However, it is a 50 year age difference. Maybe this is all generational

  8. ApiafromGermany

    Now even I listened to ‘not like us^
    It s a great song.

  9. educate2freeus

    1:22:16 As an educator I understand what’s happening with the teacher & his students. Our kids need more than what traditional “white-facing” school models give them. Not saying this specific setting is necessary for our children to learn better but other models can work better for our kids. Freedom school models are better suited for our kids but it still doesn’t fill the gaps. I think he has a typical relationship with his students but Social media is not the best place to display that relationship b/c most ppl are projecting & very hypocritical. Recording it is not so bad but live streaming it ehh I wouldn’t but hey idk his reasons. Maybe he paid them I don’t know. However, if that was a famous rapper/singer/actor society would not have a problem. It’s the end of the school year all final grades are already in for the year. There is no real instruction at this point. I’ve had to buy hair & help braid students’ hair, I’ve given them clothes, soap, toothpaste, & other personal items. I didn’t like for students to touch my hair but that’s a black woman thing. But I think ppl are missing the relationship part of the whole thing. I bet his students perform well maybe above average. The better my relationship with my students, the better they performed. The more I showed them my vulnerabilities they were more open to me, especially about learning. Teachers need to cultivate their relationships with their kids it should not be transactional like jobs. We need more black male teachers so this won’t look weird to the world. White women are the highest percentage of teachers teaching black kids & black men are the lowest. A white teacher(woman) did something similar some years back & didn’t get the same level of uproar. Many of the proven inappropriate relationships with young students are white women. This happened to my high school. The teacher never went to jail she actually had a child with the student, then remarried a white man and took that young man through hell! Didn’t let the student see his child or nothing! No one suspected her of being inappropriate with students. I bring that up because society has trained us to not suspect them but to suspect us. So sometimes we gotta check ourselves b/c we ppl can be anti-black too without knowing it.

    • brooklynshoebabe

      “The more I showed them my vulnerabilities they were more open to me, especially about learning. Teachers need to cultivate their relationships with their kids it should not be transactional like jobs. ”

      This part right here. You call it vulnerability, I call it relatability especially when you may be the only or only one of a few Black educators a Black child interacts with. Of course, you have to have some emotional boundaries because interacting with children who may have trauma on a constant basis could burn you out.

    • Sean

      I was agnostic about the hair aspect. What made me felt, as an educator, that it was inappropriate was live-streaming it. Even if it were pre-recorded it would have been uncomfortable, but without giving the students / parents the opportunity for truly informed consent (with the myriad issues Rod touched on about social pressures) it is completely unacceptable. As an educational manager (I have too many hats) I would not fire him for this, but would place strict restrictions / guidelines on what he could do within the school-grounds related to social media.

  10. rodimusprime

    Evening Rod & Karen,

    You can call me Alexandria Pugh, that is the name I use on social media aka my middle names. I’m a long time listener but first time emailer. I apologize for this very long email. But, wanted to talk about two things – the TikTok teacher and your recent interaction with a “listener.”

    My college roommate now best friend had a very grey area inappropriate relationship with her high school band director. She would mention things like the band was really close to him and his wife and how some kids would go over their house. My brother was drum major for his band for three years. I became close to his band director & wife as she was an English teacher in our school. Hearing my best friend’s experience raised my ears whenever we talked about it. Well long story short, towards the end of our freshman year, he was accused of inappropriate behavior and they wanted to use her as a character witness. I, her mom/family, former classmates, and current friends expressed our concerns with her being a character witness. Eventually she declined (even though the pressed her like crazy to the point she almost had to block them) and he settled out of court. They never spoke again. I told her while she thought every was fine and dandy, there was a clear power structure at play and his behavior can be seen or assumed inappropriate.

    When I saw the TikTok conversation, I was very sad at people defending his behavior and implying we’re throwing away “good” teachers during a teacher shortage. The level of intimacy displayed in the original video and reaffirmed in his follow up video shows a clear inappropriate relationship between him and his students. Why did you create a space where minors not only feel comfortable texting you but also have your personal number?? Once again, the students might think everything is fine but the teacher opened up space for issues to occur. It hurts my heart that students are not being protected in a time of rampant teacher and student inappropriate conduct. There’s been too many stories about middle school women teachers preying on their male students. We need to protect children during a time when their emotions are a cloudy mess. I hate that things are now turning into social media arguments when there’s a high level of complexity to the matter.

    Second, your interaction with the “listener” on Twitter really opened my eyes to people projecting their own thoughts onto strangers. To accuse you of bullying your wife and/or harming her was alarming. When you genuinely asked for examples they automatically went on defense mode then made it seem you were attacking them. People have been using “therapy” terminology to justify their own preconceptions. The fact you broke down the running joke of the podcast and she dismissed it to imply you are being mean to your wife was down right disingenuous and bad faith take. To see many people within the community you all built defend you was heart warming and shows there is hope in counting attacking negativity and callous behavior.

    Once again, apologies on the long email. I just got finished listening to your Mother’s Day episode only to see the “listener” attack y’all relationship and Rod’s character. Have a great night & I can’t wait for all the episodes this week!!

  11. TanyaW42

    I missed the live show, but caught the video replay on Crowdcast. Seeing Rod’s Mom jam on “Not Like Us” was fire!!!!!

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