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2903: More Badder More Boys

Rod and Karen discuss a tip for texting, Bad Boys movies and a Twitter weirdo. Then they discuss 21 Savage vs Soulja Boy, “Not Like Us” charts at No. 1 on Billboard, airlines are suing the Biden Administration, US poised to ease weed restrictions, Panera Bread dropping Charge Lemonade, MTV movie awards moving to 2025, FL school requires parental permission for kids to hear African American author, Jackie Robinson statue theft and sword ratchetness.

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  1. bamil73

    Hey Rob and Kendra

    I’ve been a super duper fan of yours since the start of your podcast way back to, let’s say 2020 (?) but now I think you’ve gone too far with this Drake and Kendrick thing. It’s obvious I, I mean, Drake won. You niggers…I mean nigg-As, are obviously Kendrick fans. How could you like him? You definitely cheesin’ me fam. You crodies are actin like some waste-mans dem. You call yourself a podcaster and I hear you don’t even laugh at your wife’s jokes.

    One more thing, you also implied that that teacher was inappropriate to let his students take out his braids. What’s wrong with that? I mentor lots and lots of young, teenage girls all the time and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    Anyway stick to podcasting and stop slandering me, I mean stop slandering Drake.

    Your #1 Fan Aubrey Grizzy

    • bamil73

      Ooh Wee Rod and Karen. I think my account was hacked by some guy named Aubrey G!


  2. EvieE

    I think part of the funny is when you don’t laugh at Karen’s jokes but she’s tickled anyway because she’s still proud of that joke. Even when the joke doesn’t always land it’s still funny because of the way she tells it at least to me anyway and that person who wrote in about how you talk to her clearly isn’t a regular listener because Queen Karen is great at advocating for herself and would never allow any disrespect. Maybe that person is projecting their own relationship or past trauma.

    Aubrey continues to take L’s. Besides Kendrick’s They Not Like Us number one which Aubrey definitely cares about, they played They Not like Us at a Raptor’s game while Aubrey was in attendance. Damn.

    I tried to do a deep dive about the motives behind the Jackie Robinson statue theft and vandalism but it seems like the police are the ones keeping the motives under wraps which makes me think there is either police involvement or someone close to the department is involved. Smh

  3. ApiafromGermany

    In my opinion K and R have a beautiful relationship. If Mr Apia and I had a podcast, we would be much problematic, because he is passive aggressive and I can be aggressive -aggressive, luckily I’m also very reflected so I try not to get mad at his non- communication but sometimes it’s not working.

  4. thewritin1

    Regarding the Jackie Robinson statue. My guess is he was trying to melt it down before attempting to sell it since everybody would be on the lookout for it. But I still give it a dracarys because stealing a black man’s statue just feels racist in my soul.

  5. Dj

    Whaaa that Monique over in the TBGWT comments sneak dissing our lovely & funny Lady Karen?! Better leave her beautiful head wrap alone before ya get Draked out here in these hot podcasting comment streets.

  6. Shoebootie

    It’s really funny how in one breath we are saying “we gotta decriminalize marijuana, this is ruining lives” and the next is “we NEED to outlaw this lemonade! The people are dying! ” What a wild time to be alive.

    It’s such a weird grey area, considering legal vs illegal drugs. Caffeine is a drug, and energy drink consumption has become so ubiquitous, but it is legitimately harmful to our health in excess, because we have the personal freedom to drink as much of whatever we want to. At what point is it “we are sorry you died, but y’all should know better.”

    • Sean

      On the one hand, I remember Jennifer Strange who died in the radio contest “hold your wee for a Wii” from drinking too much water. As Paracelsus noted, dosis sola facit venenum, only the dose makes the poison. Many people equate legal and safe, but that has never been the case. Marijuana has always been safer than tobacco or alcohol, but Anslinger’s racist campaign to get Billie Holiday to stop singing about lynching led it to be criminalized.

      If America had focused on education rather than demonization perhaps we’d have a more reasonable situation.

      • ApiafromGermany

        I agree with Sean here, it’s something I think about often, maybe also because of my work.
        What’s legal and what’s not changed a lot in the past for different reasons. And it went in both directions. Some substances started out legal and turned illegal. Others went the different direction.
        Heroine and cocaine were first developed as medical drugs, cocaine was used to threat alcohol addiction. I’m sure it worked, with the side effect of being addicted to cocaine afterwards. At least it was legal by that time so you could just buy some at the pharmacy.
        Now there are many studies being done with psycho active drugs like lsd or MDMA because they seem to have positive effects on mental illness in some cases and are not just party drugs.
        I think overall it’s good that we are re thinking substances. This is how science works, it’s just that nothing stays the same. But this is live.

  7. Deejay936

    Awww the critter getter episode memories rod got in that duds ass

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