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782: Dancing With the “Stars?”


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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Chris Lamberth to discuss the NFL witch hunt, Mayweather, Don Lemon, Satanist, Japanese porn star on math textbook, black women mistaken for prostitutes, crocodile suicide, Rihanna, Ashlee Simpson, Dancing with the Stars cast, Jill Scott, Steve Harvey, Drag Queen names, Zimmerman, mom pulled over at gun point, Egypt, Michael Moore, nuts on the pizza, eye shadow thief, suicide by knife, golf teacher orders hits and sword ratchetness.

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  1. PrinceLeron

    This Ray Rice fallout has messing with all of my agendas. I actually had to defend Tom Brady this week. I usually spend most of my week slandering his ass. People were mad that because he said it wasn’t his business. When has Tom ever said anything different? I guess you have to be an advocate for the cause or you agree with Ray Rice.

    Also, I never loss awareness of how racist a lot of NFL fans are. They are just using to incident to be right. They have been waiting for a moment like this. This is the same thing that happened with Tiger Woods.

  2. Kyle

    From what I understand, a lot of people who commit suicide had a diagnosable mental illness and most of them hadn’t received any care for it. As somebody who has family members with some sort of mental illness I understand how much of struggle it can be just living with it. The medication doesn’t even help that much for some people and comes with an ass load of side effects that can make life harder.

    To be honest, the best way to combat mental illness is to catch it as early as possible before it completely develops. Unfortunately most people are ignorant of the signs and sometimes the person may hide their illness and pretend that they’re just being quirky.

    Anyway, great show and I hope this information is of any use for anybody out there.

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